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The Marketing and Communications Division works to enhance and support the mission, identity, and strategic plan of Fairfield University in everything we do. We tell the story of the University and the Fairfield experience, by providing an intentional, multi-dimensional brand experience, engaging our community and elevating our reputation in the higher education marketplace.

As Fairfield enters the national spotlight as part of our new Carnegie Classification, we’ve updated our brand guidelines and standards.

Meet the Team

Joe Adams headshot

Joe Adams

Associate Creative Director, Video/Photo
ext. 2040

Jennifer Anderson ’97, MBA ’02 headshot

Jennifer Anderson ’97, MBA ’02

Vice President of Marketing and Communications
ext. 3476

Audra Bouffard headshot

Audra Bouffard

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing, Strategic Enrollment Management
ext. 3392

Robert Bove headshot

Robert Bove

Director of Web Development
ext. 3128

Tess (Brown) Long '07, MFA'11 headshot

Tess (Brown) Long '07, MFA'11

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing
ext. 2647

Susan Cipollaro headshot

Susan Cipollaro

Associate Director, Media Relations
ext. 2726

Sara Colabella ’08, MA’11 headshot

Sara Colabella ’08, MA’11

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing
ext. 3259

Tom DiPirro headshot

Tom DiPirro

Producer & Technical Director

ext. 2716

Jeannine Graf headshot

Jeannine Graf

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing
ext. 2616

Alistair Highet headshot

Alistair Highet

Sr. Director, External Communication
ext. 2526

Jason Kapell headshot

Jason Kapell

Senior Writer and Producer
ext. 2716

Katie Magee

Senior Director, Integrated Marketing and Analytics
ext. 2370

Dru Martin headshot

Dru Martin

Associate Producer, Live & On-Demand Programming

ext. 2870

Nicolette Massaro headshot

Nicolette Massaro

Sr. Manager, Social Media Marketing
ext. 2119

Katherine Mazzarese headshot

Katherine Mazzarese

Marketing & Communications Office Manager
ext. 4190

Meaghan Morrow

Graphic Designer
ext. x2579

Chris Nasshan

Senior Director, Design & Digital Print
ext. 2107

Robby Piazzaroli headshot

Robby Piazzaroli

Associate Director, Community & Public Relations
ext. 2597

Maureen B. Reynolds headshot

Maureen B. Reynolds

Senior Production Manager
ext. 2432

Ed Ross headshot

Ed Ross

Senior Graphic Designer
ext. 2481

Leanne Scorcia headshot

Leanne Scorcia

Senior Manager, E-Marketing and Digital Design
ext. 3205

Maria Showman headshot

Maria Showman

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing
ext. 3416

Mike Slimak headshot

Mike Slimak

Assistant Manager, Print Svcs
ext. 2431

Casey Timmeny headshot

Casey Timmeny

Assistant Vice President, Digital Operations
ext. 3255

Dan Vasconez headshot

Dan Vasconez

Web Developer
ext. 2556

Paul Villacres headshot

Paul Villacres

Digital Print Specialist
ext. 2431

Allison Wade headshot

Allison Wade

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing ext. 2950

Mike Zavory headshot

Mike Zavory

Manager, Digital Print
ext. 3313

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