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Fairfield University’s ability to carry out its mission can be helped or hindered by the perceptions of the people it seeks to serve. Its visual image – the appearance of the University’s brochures, advertisements, and other materials – says something about its values, purpose, and services. A cohesive graphic style conveys a sense of identity and personality, which helps to create greater recognition and understanding.

Fairfield University’s Design & Print Services (D&P) in the Division of Marketing and Communications has been charged with monitoring and maintaining Fairfield’s brand identity. All materials bearing the University Seal and/or the University’s logo, including publications, post cards, advertisements, and products (pens, banners, notebooks, apparel, signage, etc.) must be reviewed by Design & Digital Print Services. It is recommended that Design & Digital Print Services be consulted when purchasing those products to ensure that the University logo is prominently and properly displayed.

Logo Downloads


An EPS file is a vector file format often required for professional and high-quality image printing. PostScript printers and image setters typically use EPS to produce vast, detailed images — such as billboard advertising, large posters, and attention-grabbing marketing collateral.


PNG is short for Portable Network Graphic, a type of raster image file. It’s particularly popular file type with web designers because it can handle graphics with transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds.


Users often use SVGs to display website icons like buttons, as well as company logos. This file type’s ability to scale up or down without ever compromising its quality means they’re ideal for graphics that need to appear in multiple places and in a range of sizes.


Logo Tree

Brand Logo Tree

Looking For More Assets?

Download more brand assets like Zoom backgrounds, fonts, stock photography and more.

Creating Your Personal Email Signature

Email signature sample

Every day, many of us send upwards of 100 e-mails, if not more. Our e-mails should work as a marketing tool for Fairfield, to promote our brand and encourage interaction with our social channels. A consistent e-mail signature signifies brand maturity to the external world. Please modify your signature by following the below instructions for your laptop/desktop or view additional instructions for mobile signatures.

  1. Copy and paste the following signature into yours. To get to signatures in Outlook, go to: File – Options – Mail – Signatures – Edit Signatures – OK).
    Note: prior to copying the signature you will need to update the e-mail hyperlink in Word by right clicking the e-mail address, hover over hyperlink and then click edit hyperlink.
  2. When you paste the signature into Outlook, you can then edit accordingly with your personal information. The font is 'Calibri' and the font-size is '12' point.
  3. Please be sure to copy/paste the social icons.
  4. This is a common way to increase the following of our main University channels. For assistance, please e-mail us at

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