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Parent Webinars

As parents, it is important for you to be aware of issues your student may face while in college. All parents, especially first-year parents, are invited to participate in monthly webinars on topics of interest. All you need is access to a computer with audio.

First-Year Parent/Guardian Webinar Series 2019-20

All webinars are at 12 p.m. EST for one hour. All webinars are hosted on Wednesdays except the Pre-Orientation webinar.


June 4

Welcome, Class of 2023! This webinar will provide families with important information about the upcoming Orientation sessions on June 18-19 and June 24-25. Our presenters will answer all of your pre-arrival questions about both the student and the parent/guardian Orientation schedules while highlighting Orientation logistics, the course registration process for first-year students, and ways to make the transition to college life successful for both you and your student.


Welcome Home! Arriving on Campus

August 21
Hosted by The Office of Student Engagement & Office of Residence Life

Welcome, Class of 2023! This webinar provides families with important information for a successful arrival process. Our presenters will answer all of your questions while highlighting Move-In Day logistics, what to bring, what not to bring, and our Welcome Week festivities.


Healthy Decision-Making

August 28
Hosted by Counseling & Psychological Services, Student Health Center, and Department of Public Safety

For many students, college is a place for self-discovery, but every campus culture is different. In this webinar, you’ll learn about trends on the Fairfield campus as they relate to alcohol and drugs, as well as how the University proactively supports its students in creating healthy habits and lifestyle choices through alternative programming and student engagement.


Missing Home, Transition, and Fitting In

September 4
Hosted by Office of Student Engagement, Office of Resident Life, and Counseling & Psychological Services

The transition to college if often a normal and significant one, but at Fairfield University, our students have a great support network to rely on. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about how to handle homesickness, and strategies for success so that students may grow and thrive.


Academic Advising and Six-Week Check-In

October 9
Hosted by Office of the Dean and the Provost's Office

What are students facing at this major checkpoint in their first semester? Find out! In this webinar, you’ll learn about the first-year student experience, how students can get involved on campus, as well as the resources that are offered to our students such as the academic advising process, workshops, tutoring, and more!


Global Engagement Opportunities

October 30
Hosted by Office of Study Abroad, Center for Faith & Public Life, and Campus Ministry

To get the most out of life at Fairfield University, sometimes you need to get away from it! During this presentation, we will discuss a variety of topics including why students choose to study abroad, immersion trips, the different types of programs available, how to get started, the application process, and many other resources.


Maximizing the "Fairfield Experience"

November 21
Hosted by Office of Student Engagement and Office of Residence Life

Now that students have navigated the initial transitions associated with their first semester on-campus, it is time for them to start thinking about how they can truly maximize the Fairfield experience. During this webinar, co-curricular engagement/involvement opportunities, including living in a Residential College and applying for student leadership positions such as resident assistant, new student leader, interfaith peer leader, and service learning associate, will be discussed.


Housing Lottery Overview

January 6
Hosted by Office of Residence Life

In this webinar, you’ll learn all about the housing process (eligibility, application information, guidelines, and accommodations) here at Fairfield University, as well as important deadlines and dates for the on- and off-campus housing lotteries, and about Commuter student engagement.


Financial Planning

February 19
Hosted by Office of Financial Aid

Currently, 85% of our undergraduate students finance their education through a combination of scholarships, grants, work-study, graduate assistantships, and loans. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the comprehensive list of financial aid options available to you and your student, as well as important upcoming deadlines to be aware of.


College to Career

March 4
Hosted by the Career Center

How early is too early to start looking and applying for internships and jobs? What should your student wear to an interview? It’s never too early for students to begin making connections with professionals in their industry. In this webinar, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks when it comes to internships, interviews, job shadows, and more!


The Future of Fairfield

April 15
Hosted by Facilities Management and Academic Affairs

What is Fairfield expected to look like in the next five years? The next ten years? What new buildings will be coming to campus? What changes are being made? In this webinar, you’ll learn the answers to these, and other questions relating to the campus community.

Alcohol Awareness

One way we help our students—your children—make the safest, healthiest decisions possible is through our partnership with EverFi, whose mission is to help students address critical life skills such as alcohol abuse prevention, financial literacy, digital citizenship, etc. in high schools and higher education institutions across the country. 

Each year over half a million students complete AlcoholEdu for College, EverFi’s online, non-opinionated, science-based alcohol abuse prevention course. This 2-3 hour program uses the latest prevention techniques and research to educate students about the impact of alcohol on the mind and body.

As part of our comprehensive alcohol prevention program, Fairfield University expects each member of the first-year class to complete this course and pass the course exam. Whether your student drinks or not, AlcoholEdu will empower them to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and help them better cope with the drinking behavior of their peers.

While we are committed to making a difference with our students, we also understand that parents are the first line of defense against alcohol misuse and abuse. EverFi offers additional content that is designed to support your conversations about alcohol that will help shape the decisions your son or daughter must make in college surrounding alcohol use.

We also encourage you to read this Parent Alcohol Handbook, which offers many insights on how to talk to your student about alcohol use and abuse.

For more information, visit the EverFi site, which includes:

  • An overview of the AlcoholEdu for College course structure and key concepts
  • A demo video that provides you with an overview of the course experience your child will be moving through
  • Helpful resources, such as tips on talking to your college student about alcohol, warning signs of an alcohol problem, and links to additional resources.

About Sexual Harassment

We take the issue of sexual violence and sexual harassment seriously and strive to provide a safe environment where your student can live and work free from exploitation and discrimination based on gender.

We are confident that these resources will help ensure your child’s success at Fairfield and in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Will Johnson, Dean of Students, at 203-254-4211.

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