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Who We Are

It is the role of the Marketing and Communications Division to enhance the reputation of the University and support the institution's mission and strategic plan. The departments and offices of the division serve to support students and faculty in their essential work, and to communicate the distinctive nature and value of the Fairfield experience through an integrated marketing communications approach.

The Integrated Marketing Managers work collaboratively with digital marketing and design & digital print to provide a variety of services to faculty and staff. We are committed to creating communications that engage and inform our community.

To work effectively, please complete a Creative Brief to begin your next project; provide ample lead time to properly undertake projects; work collaboratively to achieve agreed upon goals; meet established deadlines; and, understand that we are adding value to projects, which means that decision making is shared.

Meet the Team

Joe Adams

ext. 2040

“Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second.” - Jean-lic Godard

Jennifer Anderson

ext. 3476

You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the one who'll decide to go. - Dr. Seuss

Jasmine Blennau

Associate Producer / Equipment Specialist

Audra Bouffard

ext. 3392

“If Plan A fails, remember you still have 25 letters left”

Leslie Brazier

ext. 2676

Mother of two Fairfield grads, ’05 and ’07, grandmother of three and counting…

Tess Brown ’07, MFA’11

ext. 2647

I have been a beekeeper for almost ten years and have several hives that are home to hundreds of thousands of humble honey bees.

Susan Cipollaro

ext. 2726

“Tell me a story.”  - Don Hewitt 

Sara Colabella ’08, MA’11

ext. 3259

Bridget Dalen

ext. 2904

"Life is better when you are laughing."

Tom DiPirro

ext. 2716

"The first time I had disposable income, the two things I cared most about were a television and a couch.” - Seth Meyers

Curtis Ebdon

ext. 2107

Originally casted as The Brady Bunch's Sam the Butcher.

Alistair Highet

ext. 2526

Jason Kapell

ext. 2716

Katie Magee

ext. 2370

"You cannot change what you refuse to confront." ― Jerome K. Jerome

Eric Mayrhofer

ext. 2119

“I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

Maureen B. Reynolds

ext. 2432

“When life throws you lemons, have a glass of wine.” – Wine Ponder

Ed Ross

ext. 2481

“Travel… The best way to be lost… And found… All at the same time. -Brenna Smith / Visiting a couple of wineries doesn’t hurt, either… - Ed Ross

Leanne Scorcia

ext. 3205

Maria Showman

ext. 3416

Mike Slimak

ext. 2431

My favorite color is red……… Green. Definitely, green.

Kim Szabo

ext. 2579

Casey Timmeny

ext. 3255

"Hard work beats raw talent every time… Unless you're just naturally really really good."

Dan Vasconez

ext. 2556

Paul Villacres

ext. 2431

Allison Wade

ext. 2950

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. -Robert Frost

Mike Zavory

ext. 3313

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