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Student Handbook

This handbook contains many of the policies and procedures for students at Fairfield University. In addition, this handbook contains information about Fairfield's history, mission, and culture, as well as a number of the services and resources which are available to students.

sl_kelleyctr07The policies contained in this handbook are applicable to all students - undergraduate, graduate, and part-time - of Fairfield University, and students are responsible for being aware of these policies and following them accordingly. The Student Conduct Code applies to students both on and off campus, as responsible behavior is expected of Fairfield students wherever they may be. Enrollment at Fairfield University implies acceptance of these policies and procedures and makes them binding on all Fairfield students.

The provisions of this handbook are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between Fairfield University and its students. The University reserves the right to change any provision or requirement at any time.

Note: The Student Handbook highlights selected academic policies. A complete compilation of academic policies is contained in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. If there is ever a difference in the academic policies included in the Student Handbook and those contained in the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalogs, the Catalog language controls.

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  • Student Handbook
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs
  • Tuition, Room/Board, and Fee Schedule
  • Course Booklets and Registration Instructions
  • Student-Athlete Handbook and Club Sports Manual
  • Traffic and Parking Brochure

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