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Administration & Faculty

At Fairfield, we pride ourselves on the the excellence of our program and faculty. Faculty members are experts in the field, and work diligently to provide a simulation-focused approach to their teaching. Faculty advisors work closely with students to provide academic advice, individualized attention, and career planning. Small classes are a key component to the program, simulating clinical practice to give students a real-world sense of life in the industry.


Once you attend Fairfield University, you're a Stag for life. Your connection to Fairfield transcends the gates of North Benson Road and follows you far beyond the borders of Connecticut. But before you go out into the world to pursue your dreams, our supportive faculty and professional student network will provide everything you need to meet your career objectives and achieve your personal goals.


Fairfield University’s College of Arts and Sciences grounds students in the 500-year-old Jesuit tradition of academic rigor and personal reflection, while providing them with the critical skills needed to succeed in work and life. No matter which program you choose, you’ll work closely with our passionate faculty and have the opportunity to study abroad, participate in civic engagement and conduct hands-on research across a variety of disciplines including arts and humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, and social and behavioral sciences.

Community Engagement

Community partnerships play a vital role in supporting student learning through participation in service and civic engagement. Fairfield University strives to continually strengthen its relationships with community organizations so that we can offer our students a variety of mutually beneficial opportunities that include service learning, internships, work-study and volunteering.


Each year, hundreds of students in the College of Arts and Sciences earn academic credit for internships in which they apply classroom lessons to the professional world, gain job experience, explore different careers and make contacts that can lead to employment opportunities after graduation.

Bellarmine Scholars

The Bellarmine Scholars program in the College of Arts and Sciences provides a unique opportunity for students to study abroad in Florence, Italy during their sophomore year. The program offers students an in-depth introduction to Italian culture and broadens their awareness and understanding of the role that cultural heritage plays in customs and lifestyles.

Contact Us

Interested in one of Fairfield University's programs? Contact us using the faculty list below.

College of Arts and Sciences

Fairfield University Main Number (203) 254-4000


Dean's Office

Richard Greenwald, Dean, ext. 2227
Elizabeth Petrino, Associate Dean, ext. 2227

Glenn Sauer, Associate Dean, ext. 2227
Andrea Martinez, Assistant Dean, ext. 2227
Jean Daniele, Manager of CAS Operations, ext. 2221

Faculty Contacts

American Studies: Peter Bayers, director, ext. 2797
Applied Ethics: David Schmidt, director, ext. 2837
Art History: Marice Rose, director, ext. 3240
Asian Studies: Danke Li, director, ext. 2353
Biology: Shelley Phelan, chair, ext. 3120
Black Studies: Johanna Garvey, co-director, ext. 2805; Elizabeth Hohl, co-director, ext. 3235
Catholic Studies: Paul Lakeland, director, ext. 2492
Chemistry/Biochemistry: Gary Weddle, chair, ext. 2121
Classical Studies: Giovanni Ruffini, director, ext. 2017
Communication: (B.A.), Qin Zhang, chair, ext. 3062; (M.A.), Audra Nuru, director, ext. 3170
Creative Writing: (M.F.A.), Sonya Huber, director, ext. 2788
Education: Ryan Colwell, director, ext. 2586
English: Tommy Xie, chair, ext. 2793
Environmental Studies: James Biardi, director, ext. 3465
Film, Television, and Media Arts: Laura Nash, director, ext. 2459
Health Studies: Geoff Church, director, ext. 2485
History: David McFadden, chair, ext. 2871
Humanitarian Action: Janie Leatherman, director, ext. 3429
International Studies: Terry-Ann Jones, director, ext. 2786
Irish Studies: Bill Abbott, co-director, ext. 2514; Marion White, co-director ext. 3021
Italian Studies: Mary Ann Carolan, director, ext. 2134
Judaic Studies: Gavriel Rosenfeld, director, ext. 3198
Latin American and Carribean Studies: Michelle Farrell co-director, ext. 3058; Jennifer Adair, co-director, ext. 2383
Mathematics: (B.S.) Irene Mulvey, chair, ext. 2199; (M.S.) Stephen Sawin, director, ext. 2573
Modern Languages and Literatures: Jiwei Xiao, chair, ext. 3475
Music: Laura Nash, director, ext. 2459
Peace and Justice Studies: Kris Sealey, Director, ext. 3020
Philosophy: Curt Naser, chair, ext. 2851
Physics: Angela Biselli, chair, ext. 2192
Politics: Janie Leatherman, chair, ext. 3429
Psychology: Judy Primavera, chair, ext. 2233
Religious Studies: John Slotemaker, chair, ext. 3127
Russian and Eastern European Studies: David McFadden, director, ext. 2871
Sociology and Anthropology: Eric Mielants, chair, ext. 2783
Studio Art: Marice Rose, director, ext. 3240
Theatre: Lynne Porter, director, ext. 3406
Visual and Performing Arts: Laura Nash, chair, ext. 2459
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Anna Lawrence, director, ext. 2281

Administrative Assistant Contacts

American Studies, Linda Miller, ext. 2810
Asian Studies, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2412
Biology, Laura Dancho, ext. 2541
Black Studies, Linda Miller, ext. 2810
Chemistry & Biochemistry, Lori Fahy, ext. 2251
Classical Studies, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2412
Communication, Michelle Lesko, ext. 2214
Digital Journalism, Linda Miller, ext. 2810
Economics, Jessica Tomcho, ext. 2291
English, Linda Miller, ext. 2810
Environmental Studies, Laura Dancho, ext. 2541
Health Studies, Laura Dancho, ext. 2541
History, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2412
International Studies, Joann Ference, ext. 2156
Irish Studies, Linda Miller, ext. 2810
Italian Studies, Julie Garbarino, ext. 2418
Judaic Studies, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2412
Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Julie Garbarino, ext. 2418
Mathematics, Mary Beth Mayer, ext. 2515
Modern Languages and Literatures, Julie Garbarino, ext. 2418
Peace & Justice Studies, Joann Ference, ext. 2156
Philosophy, Joann Ference, ext. 2156
Physics, Julia LaVecchia, ext. 2564
Politics, Jessica Tomcho, ext. 2291
Psychology, Joan Patrick, ext. 2926
Public Relations: Michelle Lesko, ext. 2214
Religious Studies, Joann Ference, ext. 2156
Russian & East European Studies, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2412
Sociology & Anthropology, Michelle Lesko, ext. 2214
Visual and Performing Arts, Melissa Roberto, ext. 2459
Women, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesAlexa Mullady, ext. 2412

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