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Graduate Programs

Fairfield University's College of Arts and Sciences places you on the path to an educational journey that never ends. Each of our master's programs promote intellectual and reflective query, discovery and practice—providing the foundation for a lifetime of learning. And no matter which path you choose, you’ll get to work closely with passionate faculty and have the flexibility to customize your curriculum to your specific needs, giving you a more effective education for a more fulfilling future.

MA In Communication

Fairfield University's Master of Arts in Communication emphasizes theory, research, and application to examine the ways humans communicate across a variety of levels and contexts. You'll work individually with a faculty advisor to tailor your curriculum to your personal, professional, and academic goals and will be supported by a team of talented, enthusiastic teachers who will use their professional experience to start you on your career path.

MFA In Creative Writing

If you're interested in writing a book and getting it published, Fairfield University's low-residency MFA in Creative Writing program is the perfect fit. Students can pursue the study of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, or screenwriting, and can choose from a variety of concentrations including publishing/editing, spiritual writing, and social justice.

MS In Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Our Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology educates students to apply psychological principles and techniques in the work environment that increase individual and organizational productivity. As a student, you'll be challenged intellectually and receive a solid education in the theories, philosophies, and practices of this dynamic and growing field.

MA In Interior Design

Fairfield University’s Master of Arts in Interior Design provides students with the credentials, industry knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to earn their professional certification in the field of interior design. You'll receive individualized support and training from an experienced faculty of professional designers and industry experts, who will teach you the technical skills to translate abstract concepts into three-dimensional reality.

MS In Mathematics

Fairfield University’s Master of Science in Mathematics teaches you the necessary theoretical skills to learn advanced mathematics as well as the quantitative methods needed to apply these results to real world problems. Whether you’re an aspiring teacher, pursuing a PhD in mathematics, or just wanting to challenge yourself, our program will provide you with the foundation to reach your goals.

Master Of Public Administration (MPA)

Fairfield University’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) is designed to examine pressing social, ethical, and professional issues, while developing strong leadership abilities for career advancement. Courses emphasize theory, research, and application in city and state government, non-profit work, healthcare management, and emergency management.

Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences' accelerated bachelor’s/master’s programs allow qualified undergraduate students to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in as few as five years, depending on the program. This accelerated pathway allows students to transition directly into one of the College's master’s programs and earn a graduate degree in less time and at potentially less cost than when done separately.

Graduate Information Session

Join us for an upcoming Graduate Information Session where we can answer your questions one-on-one, give you an opportunity to meet our faculty and introduce you to the Fairfield University community and experience.

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