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As students proceed through their academic journey, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Office of Career and Professional Development offers advising, counseling, programming, and experiential opportunities to help students discover their strengths, explore career paths, and build essential skills needed to succeed in their professional career.

Throughout the career development process, we provide holistic, individual support to all College of Arts and Sciences students by offering one-on-one career counseling appointments. During these sessions, students can work with members of our professional development team to develop career materials (resume, cover letter), explore career options, search for jobs and relevant internships, prepare for interviews, optimize their LinkedIn profile, and more.

The College of Arts and Sciences Office of Career and Professional Development also offers a myriad of career resources, including our Plan Your Path tool. This guide is designed to get students to start thinking about the steps they can take during each of their four years to successfully prepare for life after Fairfield.

To schedule an appointment, contact the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Career and Professional Development at 203-254-400 x 2298 or

Programs & Events

CAS Leadership & Professional Development Program

A sequence of workshops, panels, requirements, and tasks designed to complement students’ academic work and build their career readiness. Students learn essential skills needed to achieve their career goals and gain a competitive edge in today's job market. Program participation is optional, but strongly encouraged.

Alumni Career Night

Once a year, alumni who graduated from a wide range of College of Arts and Sciences majors return to campus to discuss their specific career paths and expectations after Fairfield. Past events have featured alumni working in healthcare, public relations, psychology, recruiting, media, and more.

College of Arts & Sciences Career Week

During this week of College of Arts and Sciences focused events, we offer a series of workshops to prepare students for the Career Fair, learn about the Leadership and Professional Development Program, practice interviewing skills, and take LinkedIn headshots.


This weekly seminar utilizes a design thinking framework to help students identify, explore, and prototype potential career paths. EXPLORE is open to all juniors and seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Industry Nights

The Office of Career and Professional Development offers industry specific events for students to learn more about specific career opportunities. These panels are informative and provide practical opportunities for students to connect with professionals, practice their networking skills, and make connections for future employment.

Sophomore Success

Offered in partnership with the University’s Career Center, this College of Arts and Sciences-specific weekly seminar is designed to cultivate students' career development skills and knowledge, providing students with a competitive advantage as they move into junior year.

Stags in the City

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to visit various companies and organizations in New York City to network with hiring managers and alumni.

The Arts & Sciences Guarantee

Real world. Real network. Beginning with the Class of 2026, the Arts & Sciences Guarantee is a fellowship open to all current College of Arts and Sciences undergraduates, which provides funding of up to $2,500 to support approved unpaid internships, research, or fieldwork experiences.

For more information, please contact

Dean's Series

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Richard Greenwald, PhD, regularly moderates virtual discussions about how the College’s industry-forward arts and sciences programs meet today’s career challenges. During these lunchtime chats, guests learn how our faculty and staff are innovating to ensure every student in the College has access to a transformational Fairfield experience that prepares them to be engaged, global citizens. 

Alumni Engagement

Alumni play an active role in the career development of our current students. If you are a Fairfield alum interested in supporting our students, you can participate in industry nights, conduct informational interviews, or host a Stags in the City company visit.

If you are interested in supporting Fairfield students by participating in any of these activities, please fill out the “Alumni Engagement Form” below.

If you are an alum interested in career counseling, please contact the University Career Center 203-254-4081 or email

Core Career Competencies

Within the College of Arts and Sciences, our goal is that our students leave Fairfield not only prepared to excel within the world of work, but equipped with the necessary skills and experience to be the most desirable graduates available. To accomplish this goal, the College focuses on career readiness through the acquisition of ten Core Career Competencies. Eight of these competencies reflect the very essence of a liberal arts education and the competitive advantage it represents in today’s job market. Career management and professionalism and work ethic, the ninth and tenth competencies, gives our students the necessary tools to seek, obtain, and excel within the career they desire.

10 Core Career Competencies

  1. Analytical & Critical Thinking comprehensively explores issues, ideas, knowledge, evidence, and values before accepting or formulating an opinion or conclusion
  2. Applied Problem Solving is the process of designing, evaluating, and implementing a workable strategy to achieve a goal
  3. Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making recognizes ethical issues arising in a variety of settings or social contexts, reflects on the ethical concerns that pertain to the issue, and chooses a course of action based on these reflections
  4. Oral & Written Communication focuses on a person’s ability to effectively articulate thoughts and ideas clearly in written and oral forms. The individual has public speaking skills, is able to express ideas to others, and can write/edit memos, letters, and complex technical reports clearly and effectively
  5. Teamwork & Leadership builds and maintains collaborative relationships based on the needs, abilities, and goals of each member of a group
  6. Engaging Diversity cultivates awareness of one’s own identity and cultural background and that of others through an exploration of domains of diversity, which may include: race, ethnicity, country of origin, sexual orientation, ability, class, gender, age, spirituality, etc. This requires an understanding of historical and social contexts and a willingness to confront perspectives of dominant cultural narratives and ideologies, locally, nationally, or globally
  7. Active Citizenship & Community Engagement develops a consciousness about one's potential contributions and roles in the many communities one inhabits that supports the Jesuit value of men and women for others
  8. Digital Literacy allows students to leverage existing digital technologies ethically and efficiently to solve problems, complete tasks, and accomplish goals. The individual demonstrates effective adaptability to new and emerging technologies
  9. Career Management is the active engagement in the process of exploring possible careers, gaining meaningful experience, and building skills that help one excel after college and lead to employment or other successful post-graduation outcomes
  10. Professionalism & Work Ethic refers to a person’s ability to demonstrate accountability and effective work habits

Our Staff

Kimberly L. Nickolenko, MA headshot

Kimberly L. Nickolenko, MA

Director of Career Engagement
Office of Career and Professional Development
College of Arts and Sciences

Steph Gallo, MS headshot

Steph Gallo, MS

Director of Career Planning
Office of Career and Professional Development
College of Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Giardina headshot

Elizabeth Giardina

Operations Coordinator
Office of Career and Professional Development
College of Arts and Sciences
ext. 3425

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