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Purchasing Card (PCard)

Welcome to the Fairfield University MasterCard Purchasing Program. The University Purchasing Card, issued by Bank of America, is a credit card which acts as a procurement tool offering an alternative to the existing University procurement processes. It provides an extremely efficient and effective method of purchasing and paying for goods and services.

The Purchasing Card program is designed to delegate authority and capability to quickly and conveniently purchase approved commodities and services directly from the vendors that accept Master Card. This program co-sponsored by the Purchasing Department and Office of the Controller is designed to more efficiently meet your purchasing needs and those of the University.

Benefits to the Cardholder

  • Allows you to obtain goods and services faster and easier than the requisition process.
  • Significantly reduces workload related to the purchase of and payment for qualified goods and services
  • Allows you to be more efficient and to focus on the value-added aspects of your job
  • Provides end users with greater autonomy

Benefits to the University

  • Reduces the number of purchase orders, invoices and checks
  • Enables Purchasing and Accounts Payable to focus on higher yield, value added activities
  • Dramatically reduces the number of vendors in the University vendor database.
  • Prompt payment to vendor results in better prices and improved vendor relations.
  • Purchasing Department will have more time to negotiate more favorable contracts.

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