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Covid-19 Daily Dashboard

Results as of 11/24/2020. The data may be adjusted as final investigations are completed.

Covid-19 Status Level: Yellow
Moderately Low Risk

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Fairfield University will be regularly testing our campus community  (i.e. residential students, off-campus students, athletes, faculty and staff, and other identified high risk subpopulations). Fairfield’s Tracking Dashboard includes both those participating in this Surveillance Testing and all other Diagnostic/Contact-Traced Testing. The Tracking Dashboard excludes all repopulation testing completed to Welcome Our Stags Home.

The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community is our priority as we continue operations during the Covid-19 pandemic. To date, Fairfield University’s campus reopening plan has been largely successful as we have worked with State of Connecticut and Town of Fairfield Health Department officials to create and execute an effective plan to identify, contain, and limit the extent of Covid-19 infections. A critical component of our approach has been continual random and targeted testing of our student population — both on campus and off — to find and isolate Covid-19 cases in order to protect not only our students, but our town of Fairfield neighbors. These extensive testing protocols are ongoing, with a significant increase in the number of individuals being tested.

With a total of five rapid testing machines in partnership with Abbott Laboratories, along with daily health monitoring, contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine procedures, Fairfield University has exceeded state and local guidelines with proactive measures to keep our community at large safe and healthy.

Test Results - 11/24/2020
  Faculty and Staff Students Total
Total Tests Positive Total Tests Positive Total Tests Positive
Random Surveillance 0 0 0 0 0 0
Selected Populations 0 0 0 0 0 0
Diagnostic 0 0 5 1 5 1
External 0 0 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 0 0 5 1 5 1

Active Positives and Clear Status - 11/24/2020
  Active Positive Cases Active Positive Cases on Campus Cumulative Cleared Cleared Today
Faculty and Staff 15 0 14 1
Students 35 6 563 8
TOTAL 50 6 577 9

Cumulative Results - Since 9/1/2020
  Faculty and Staff Students Total
Total Tests Positive Total Tests Positive Total Tests Positive
Random Surveillance 586 4 1,835 31 2,421 35
Selected Populations 1,352 11 9,331 175 10,683 186
Diagnostic 10 2 1,427 223 1,437 225
External 31 12 442 169 473 181
TOTAL 1,979 29 13,035 598 15,014 627

Under Surveillance & Isolation and Inventory & Usage - 11/24/20
  Occupied Rooms
  Under Surveillance Isolation Total Available Total Occupied
Conference Center 0 6 58 6
Hotel 6 0 44 6
Home/Other 129 44 -
TOTAL 135 50 102 12
*Maximum available inventory: 114; Conference Center = 64; Hotel = 50

7-Day Rolling Average Active Positive Cases

7-Day Rolling Average Active Positive Covid-19 Cases graph

Active Positive Cases

Active Positive Cases

Report Notes

  • Repopulation Testing: The process began on August 24, 2020 and concluded with 3,917 tests administered via on-campus testing and 1,563 external tests submitted to Fairfield University with a total of 6 positives.
  • Covid-19 Tracking Dashboard: Fairfield’s Tracking Dashboard will be released daily Monday through Friday; data will be frozen the day prior to each release.
  • Random Surveillance Tests: Includes purely random sample testing across the campus community.
  • Selected Population Tests: Includes a stratified sample of subpopulations selected randomly and other higher-risk groups.
  • Diagnostic Tests: Includes all tests conducted on those reporting symptoms consistent with potential Covid-19 infection, and on those who have been contact traced to someone who is Covid-19 positive. Diagnostic testing is performed by Fairfield University’s Student Health Center.
  • External: Includes external tests not performed on or by Fairfield University campus.
  • Active Positive Cases: Includes all individuals that have tested positive and have not yet been “cleared” or recovered from Covid-19.
  • Active Positive Cases on Campus: Includes individuals that have tested positive and have not yet been “cleared” or recovered from Covid-19 that have remained in campus isolation housing.
  • Cleared: Includes individuals who have recovered from Covid-19 who are deemed no longer contagious by medical professionals and are cleared to return to the campus community.
  • Isolated on Campus: Includes individuals positive for Covid-19 who are isolating in the on-campus Isolation Center. Note: other positive cases may be isolating at home/away from campus. Fairfield University has an isolation bed capacity of 64.
  • Under Surveillance By University: Includes individuals who have been identified through contact tracing or who have voluntarily reported they are quarantining on campus due to possible exposure or travel. Fairfield University has a bed capacity of 114.

Fairfield University Covid-19 Status Levels

This color-coded system enables the University to respond appropriately to changing campus health conditions and enact mitigation efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

Status Level Green: Low Risk

The University has very low levels of incidence of COVID-19 and has the capacity to test, contact trace, isolate/quarantine, and treat.

Operations are not impacted.

green block

Status Level Yellow: Moderately Low Risk

The University has experienced moderate number of COVID-19 cases with most from known sources.

Mitigation may include a reduction in gathering sizes, an elimination of students visiting other student’s rooms, going to “Grab & Go” dining, and reduction of capacity to some University facilities.

yellow block

Status Level Orange: Moderate Risk

Many cases, including community spread with some likely undetected cases. Some disruption in the academic operations has occurred.

Mitigation efforts may include suspending in-person learning for a period of time, reduction of residential students, initiation of a curfew, and suspension of RecPlex and Athletic activities.

orange block

Status Level Red: High Risk

The University has experienced a significant increase in incidence and prevalence of COVID-19 which has impacted its capacity to test, conduct contact tracing, and treat. Isolation beds are nearly full. Academic operations are significantly impacted.

Mitigation, may include a reduction in residential students, remote learning for a period of time, and limited access to facilities. The Recreation complex and all Athletic activities will be suspended.

red block

Status Level Purple: Very High Risk

Incidence and prevalence is beyond the capacity for Fairfield University and local hospitals to safely manage. Fairfield University Senior leadership, in consultation with the Town of Fairfield Health Department and DPH, would make the decision to close the campus and pivot to remote learning.

Students who are able to safely travel home would do so and non-essential employees would work from home. The students who are in isolation would remain on campus until medically cleared and continued to be monitored by Student Health Center medical personnel. Those students who would be unable to travel due to the need for public transportation would remain on campus until safe to travel.

purple block

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