Majors & Minors


The accounting program offers students the conceptual and technical knowledge to develop, measure, analyze, and validate financial information. Upon graduation, you may choose to further your education through our own M.S. in accounting, or pursue graduate study in law, accounting or business, or join the workforce as a capable professional in a variety of occupations.

American Studies

Offered as both a major and minor, the American Studies program will provide you with a thorough understanding of American culture, traditions, institutions, and relationships of its people, giving you extra advantages towards future careers in business, law, education, public service or graduate studies.

Applied Ethics

Fairfield University's Program in Applied Ethics offers you an opportunity to learn the history, terminology, and forms of reasoning that underlie the practice of ethical conduct. Our unified approach to the theory and practice of ethical conduct is designed to raise your level of awareness of the moral dilemmas of your chosen field of practice, of allied fields, and of the society as a whole.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Art History & Visual Culture

The art history program at Fairfield University offers a complete curriculum covering the major movements and developments in art and history throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Upon graduation, the skills you will acquire often lead to successful careers in education, museums and galleries, marketing, advertising, law, and media.

Asian Studies

Whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur or a philosopher, involved in government or the arts, a working knowledge of Asian realities is essential in today's world. Whatever major you choose, the Asian Studies minor allows you to tailor your course selection to explore Asian perspectives on the central questions of your field.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral neuroscience is a facinating topic that studies the biological mechanisms underlying how your brain senses and perceives your environment, stores and retrieves memories, generates emotions, controls behavior, and produces consciousness.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.


The bioengineering (BioE) curriculum provides both breadth and depth across the range of engineering domains such as mechanical, electrical, computer or software engineering. The program prepares graduates to have an understanding of biology and physiology, as well as the capability to apply advanced mathematics, science and engineering to solve the problems at the interface of engineering and biology.


The biology program provides students with a deep appreciation and understanding of the diversity of living things, their adaptations to the environment, and their evolutionary and ecological relationships. These fundamental understandings will give you the tools to grasp the challenges which arise in graduate medical, dental, or allied health schools, and in careers in the life and medical sciences.

Black Studies

The Black Studies program at Fairfield University is designed to provide you with a comprehensive study of the origins and experiences of people of African descent. The program uses the methodology and analytical instruments of various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences to shed light on these conditions. The principal aim is to introduce you to the field by exploring the social, political, and economic roots of contemporary problems and by examining them in the context of the wider world.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Business Law and Ethics

This minor offers students a foundation in law and regulation, as well as ethics, applied to the business sector to better understand the social responsibility of business and the interdependent nature of business and society.

Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies is an interdisciplinary inquiry into the intellectual tradition, history and culture, both "high" and popular, of the Catholic Christian tradition. While the field of study includes religious questions and theological issues, it primarily follows a "cultural studies" model.

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Fairfield's chemistry and biochemistry curriculum gives students a comprehensive education in the field's principles and applications. Our programs thoroughly prepare you for careers in chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries, along with advanced studies in these areas of science. Our degree programs also prepare students well for a career in the health professions including medical, dental, or pharmacy school.

Classical Studies

The Program in Classical Studies provides you with a broad background in the history and culture of classical antiquity, both as an aid to your general cultural education and to assist you in your own major fields. The program offers courses in Greek and Latin language and literature, as well as other courses taught in English on the history, culture, and civilization of classical antiquity.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.


Communication envelops our lives – it shapes our ideas and values; gives rise to our politics, consumption, and socialization; and helps to define our identities and realities. Its power and potential is inestimable – from briefest of text messages to the grandest of public declarations, we indeed live within communication and invite you to join us in appreciating its increasing importance in contemporary society. From Twitter and reality television to family relationships and workplace dynamics, communication is about understanding ourselves, our media, our relationships our culture, and how these things connect.

Computer Science

Computational thinking and processes permeate our daily lives, revolutionizing our understanding of the natural world, our tools, and of ourselves. Knowledge of computer science has become highly valued in such diverse fields as psychology, biology, and even philosophy.

Creative Writing

All English majors also complete one of the Department's five concentrations. The coursework is in addition to the University core and 16 department core courses.

Digital Journalism

The Digital Journalism program is infused with the spirit of investigative, explanatory journalism, a civic-rooted journalism that seeks to make good on H.L. Mencken’s call for journalists to “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.” Beyond informing the public, the young journalists in our program seek to engage citizens, create a public debate, and push readers and viewers to be more than mere spectators.


The economics program at Fairfield University blends modern economic concepts with current issues, preparing students for careers in the private and public sectors, at both domestic and international levels, as economists, analysts, and upper-level managers.


The Curriculum and Instruction Department, located in the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions, in close collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a 5-Year Bachelor's/Master's Teacher Program and a 15-credit minor in educational studies open to all interested undergraduates.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering majors learn to apply mathematical and physical principles to a wide variety of electrical, electronic, and computer-based devices and systems. The program places increasing emphasis on design assignments and offers advanced elective courses that allow students to focus on specific career objectives.


The Department of English offers a flexible and challenging curriculum, allowing students to experience a wide range of approaches to literature and writing. This program provides a solid core of literary courses, allowing students the opportunity to create an individualized program that reflects their interests and passions.

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is one of the most interesting, exciting and fastest growing fields. By combining cutting edge coursework in environmental science, policy, economics, and philosophy with real world workshops and internships, Fairfield University's Environment Studies program prepares students for the tremendous opportunities and challenges in the years ahead. At Fairfield, you can become part of the solution.

Film, Television & Media Arts

The film, television, and media arts major and minor provides students with a detailed understanding of the visual, creative, and communicative power of various media. Upon graduation, you will be fully prepared to continue your education in postgraduate programs or join the workforce as a knowledgeable professional in such fields as broadcasting, public relations, advertising, telecommunications, and marketing.

Finance/Financial Management

The finance program is designed to develop individual competency in the financial tools and analysis that help organizations stay informed and make wise fiscal decisions. Upon graduation, you will have a strong sense of the place finance has in the global business world, and will be well prepared to move on to graduate school or start your career in the financial field.


French is one of the most prominent world languages with over 700 million speakers estimated by 2050, and those studying it have a wealth of opportunities available to them. Through Fairfield's program, courses are available in composition and conversation, creative writing, translation, French commerce, French and francophone cultures, current events, literature, or film. French majors also have the opportunity to apply for internships and are encouraged to study abroad in France or in a francophone country. As a French major, you will increase your proficiency in a world language and prepare yourself for a life and career in a progressively global world


German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and is widely used at numerous international businesses. Through Fairfield's program, courses are available in composition and conversation, creative writing, contemporary culture and film, youth and children's literature, survey of German literature, German culture and civilization, and the German-American experience. Students also have the opportunity to apply for internships and are encouraged to study abroad in Germany with our AIB program in Bonn. As a German major, you will expand your proficiency in a foreign language and prepare yourself for a life and career in a progressively global world.

Graphic Design

The interdisciplinary minor in graphic design asks students to learn, reflect, and act as designers, preparing them for work in the increasingly complex world of design.The minor offers students the ability to develop design skills, explore different understandings of visual communication, enhance other fields of study, and prepare for a variety of careers.

Health Studies

New! Human health and healthcare is an integral and essential part of everyone's life. We will all become part of the conversation, as healthcare requires an ever-larger share of society's resources. The minor in health studies is a 15-credit interdisciplinary minor that will provide students with the opportunity to learn more about the complex issues related to the current and future environment of contemporary healthcare.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.


The Department of History at Fairfield University is dedicated to teaching its students to understand today's world through the study of the past. Working collaboratively in small classes, along with an exciting faculty, you will hone the skills and outlook needed to succeed as a global citizen and future professional.

Humanitarian Action

In response to the increasing number, scope and intensity of humanitarian emergencies, the field of humanitarian action has grown dramatically over the last 25 years, along with diverse career opportunities. In collaboration with Fairfield University’s five schools, this minor complements students’ other fields of study with the concepts, theories and skills to discern individual and collective responsibilities to respond to humanitarian needs at home and around the world.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Individually Designed Major

For qualified undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences, the individually designed major allows you to develop an academic program to pursue a career path that coincides with your ambitions, values, and passions

Information Systems & Operations Management

The Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) Department is designed to educate students to analyze, design, implement, and manage technology-driven business solutions.

International Business

The international business program is designed to lead students to an understanding of the important issues and strategies utilized by global organizations. As a graduate of the program, you will be equipped with a broad knowledge of the social, cultural, political, and economic influences of the international business world.

International Studies

The international studies program teaches you to think critically, address global challenges, and promote social justice and service. Through this program, you will gain the skills necessary for a successful career in public service, education, business, law, and nonprofit services, as well as the background to pursue a range of graduate programs.


The Italian language is key to understanding the humanities and essential to gaining strong communication, writing, and analytical skills. Through Fairfield's program, courses are available in creative writing, film, the short story, theatre, literature of the New World, the city of Rome, Dante and Italian Americana. Italian majors also have the opportunity to apply for internships and are encouraged to study abroad at our affiliate in Florence. As an Italian major, you will expand your proficiency in a foreign language and prepare yourself for a life and career in a progressively global world.

Irish Studies

An opportunity to learn about the intriguing history, politics, literature, and art of Ireland is available to you through a minor in Irish studies at Fairfield. You can choose to focus on topics such as the troubled history of the nation and its colonial and postcolonial significance, difficult politics of Northern Ireland, or inspired art and literature that emerged from its turbulent past.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Italian Studies

The Italian Studies Program focuses on a nation and people whose contribution to civilization has been significant. Virtually every area of the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics partakes of that heritage, and Italy continues to influence cultural, political, scientific, and economic trends today.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Judaic Studies

Dating back nearly 4,000 years, Judaism is the world's oldest monotheistic faith and the foundation of both Christianity and Islam. Studying Judaism is thus central for understanding the roots of Western Civilization. This is especially true at Fairfield University, an institution whose rich Jesuit heritage is deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Fairfield University's commitment to a humanistic perspective and to the concept of social justice requires that Fairfield students be introduced to the "other" Americans who inhabit this hemisphere. The vibrant cultures of the Caribbean and Central and South American nations - which blend indigenous, European, and African influences - provide a rich field of study that can be approached from many points of view.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Liberal Studies

As a degree-completion program, the Bachelor of Liberal Studies major lets you finish what you started. Working closely with your advisor in this interdisciplinary and flexible program of study, you'll be on your way to completing your degree. *Formerly the Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree.


All English majors also complete one of the Department's five concentrations. The coursework is in addition to the University core and 16 department core courses.


The management program at Fairfield offers an innovative approach to leadership, strategic planning, and decision-making in business organizations. This blend of theory and hands-on experience provides you with a broad perspective of managerial effectiveness and the role it plays in the world of business, equipping you with the skills for a successful career in business or graduate school.


The marketing program enables students to develop the skills to determine the product and service needs of consumers and industries, as well as the challenges of creating and delivering these products and services. This knowledge strongly prepares you to continue your education into graduate school or to find a career in professions such as sales, advertising, direct marketing, media planning, and event coordination.


The mathematics program teaches students to think analytically, to find connections between concepts, and to spot patterns both in abstract settings and in practice. Through this program, you will gain the skills, disciplinary awareness, and preparation to pick your career path, either through graduate study or in a multitude of professions.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering majors receive a comprehensive, hands-on education detailing the properties of materials and the design of machines that shape modern daily life. Here, you learn to apply your engineering knowledge to design and analyze energy mechanical systems.

Modern Languages & Literatures

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures (MLL) offers courses in the prominent modern languages of the world, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. As a MLL major, you will expand your proficiency in a foreign language and prepare yourself for a life and career in a progressively global world.


Music majors and minors at Fairfield develop their creative skills by exploring the many dimensions of music, while also building their critical, analytical, and aesthetic thinking skills. The training received in the Music Department will allow you to become cultured leaders on the forefront of music, music education, and other related fields.


Fairfield University's Marion Peckham Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies offers undergraduate students a strong liberal arts education, along with the theory-based knowledge and skills, to work in the expanding fields of nursing and healthcare. Students grow personally and professionally and become committed and compassionate nurses, capable of providing professional care to people in any setting.

Peace & Justice Studies

"You must be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

‌The Program in Peace and Justice Studies is an expression of the Jesuit educational commitment, which is fundamentally identified with the promotion of the values of peace and justice. The program is based on the principle that true peace is not only the absence of hostilities, but also requires the establishment of a just social order providing a decent and dignified life for all.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.


The Philosophy Department offers students an understanding of philosophical topics through the study of great modern thinkers, as well as classical scholars. The program is designed to cultivate the confidence and skills of its students, while broadening their critical and logical thinking abilities.


At Fairfield University, students learn to apply physical principles and creative theory to logically predict the behavior of the physical universe. This major offers you the flexibility to pursue careers in the fields of health, computer science, medicine, law, and education.


The Department of Politics offers a stimulating, balanced curriculum, which covers all fields of the profession: political theory, American and comparative politics, and international relations. Upon graduation, you will be well versed in the affairs and theories of the contemporary world, and have the skills to succeed in the job market or continue on to graduate school.

Professional Writing

All English majors also complete one of the Department's five concentrations. The coursework is in addition to the University core and 16 department core courses.


As an integral part of a liberal arts education, psychology studies the processes, behavior, and experience of humans, and is used to improve people's mental health and lives. With a degree in psychology, you will have the knowledge and abilities for careers in related fields such as law, education, social work, and public policy.

Public Health

The Public Health program at the Egan School is a prevention-oriented, multi-disciplinary field that promotes conditions to protect and improve the health of people and communities. The coursework for the Public Health major and minor reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the field by having students take courses in biological sciences, environmental science, nursing, the humanities, social sciences, and administration.

Public Relations

Public relations is the study of how individuals or organizations maintain and manage communication with intended audiences. From fashion and celebrity PR to healthcare PR and corporate communications, the field of public relations engages with multiple audiences, media platforms and organizations. Our exciting major in PR is grounded in the liberal arts and designed to provide a broad overview of this exciting and growing field. You’ll study media, crisis communication, public advocacy, and a wide range of other topics that are essential to the academic study and practice of public relations. Join us!

Religious Studies

Students majoring in Religious Studies explore the philosophy and reasoning behind religion and the beliefs of cultures across the globe. Throughout the program, you will gain an informed perspective of the world's religions, and you will be able to apply it to fields such as education, law, business, and social services.

Russian, East European & Central Asian Studies

The end of the Cold War, along with the collapse of the Soviet Union and communist regimes in Eastern Europe, offers a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at an old field: Russian, East European, and Central Asian area studies. Formerly caught within the framework of the Cold War, new societies are emerging, struggling to come to grips with their pasts and forging their own unique futures.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Sociology & Anthropology

The sociology and anthropology program challenges students to examine the social and cultural dimensions of the modern world. Due to the diversity of the major, you are given an excellent start toward gaining acceptance into graduate school, or finding careers in such fields as business, marketing and communication, criminal justice, and social work.


Spanish is currently the 2nd most commonly spoken language worldwide, with about 470 million native speakers, and unlocks many professional opportunities for those that study it. Through Fairfield's program, courses are available in Spanish and Latin-American culture, literature, cinema, and in Spanish Linguistics. Spanish majors also have the opportunity to apply for internships and are encouraged to study abroad through our Nicaragua or Spain programs. As a Spanish major, you will expand your proficiency in a language that is spoken by 45 million speakers in the US alone, and will prepare yourself for a life and career in a progressively global world where knowledge of Spanish is increasingly demanded.

Sports Leadership & Management

This interdisciplinary minor provides a foundational business skill set that facilitates students' interest in careers in the sports management industry and with corporations who have partnerships and client relations with sports organizations. It has a primary focus on leadership in the sports industry, and specifically (as consistent with the University mission) leadership that is ethics-based.

Studio Art

The studio art program focuses on students' creative inquiry, and provides a platform to develop the techniques, sensibility, and understanding necessary for working with different materials. A studio art major provides a solid basis for continuing work in graduate school or finding work in art-related fields such as design, teaching, museum and gallery curating, art therapy, design, and advertising.


The theatre program at Fairfield University offers students a liberal arts education infused with the theoretical and everyday aspects of the theatre profession. A theatre major prepares you for a multitude of careers. Our graduates have gone on to become industry experts, as well as managers, lawyers, and educators.

Visual & Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts Department offers a hands-on learning approach to unlock the creative potential of our students, while encouraging the curiosity, growth, and development of the artistic spirit. Here, you will develop your own creative process, and give shape to your own experiences through experimentation, introspection, and risk taking. The Programs in Art History; Film, Television, and Media Arts; Music; Theatre, and Studio Art are all housed in this department.

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary program that challenges the cultural, intellectual, social and political assumptions about sex, gender and sexuality systems. A unique field, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies draws on scholarship from multiple disciplines to develop its own theories, methods and epistemologies. The inextricable linkage of theory and practice forms the foundation of the field. Courses in the program critically engage issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and other key components of identity, and the ways they intersect.

Interdisciplinary program with minor only.

Five-Year Bachelor's & Master's Programs

Fairfield offers a number five-year programs for undergraduate students interested in obtaining a dual bachelor's/master's degree. This is a great opportunity for students to obtain a bachelor's and master's degree in less time and at less cost than when done the traditional way. Each program has certain prerequisites. All require the permission of the program director for entry.

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