Religion in America

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Program Overview

The religion in America minor focuses on the study of religious traditions, people, history, and ideas in the American, particularly United States, context. Students explore traditions both endemic and imported to the United States, as well as themes of religious and national identity; the intersectionality of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion in American society; and the relationship between religion and American culture. The minor enables students to situate themselves in both American history and contemporary society to find a new lens for understanding themselves, their various professional paths, and the world around them.

Course Requirements

For a 15-credit minor in religion in America, students must complete two Tier I and Tier II courses from the list below, as well as an independent study.

Tier I Courses (Complete Two)

RS 106: Religion in the United States
RS 213: Jews and Judaism in America
RS 262: 'Shout Oh Children!' Afro-Caribbean and African American Religions
RS 275: Islam in America
RS 286: Buddhism in the United States

Tier II Courses (Complete Two)

RS 249: American Catholic Theologians
RS 263: New Religious Movements in America
RS 267: Mormonism: An American Church
RS 360: I'm Spiritual, not Religious: The American Spiritual Tradition
HI 237: American Prophetic Tradition
HI 346: Saints, Sinners, and Sisters: Women and Religion in American History

Students must also complete an Independent Study (RS 398)


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