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Full-time undergraduate students and some graduate students require a PIN for online registration. Students requiring a PIN should contact their academic advisor.

Students may add and drop classes during the first week of the semester. After the add/drop period listed in the Academic Calendar, a student would receive a W for the class. Full-time undergraduate students need to ensure they are registered for a minimum of 12 credits to remain full-time.

Full-time undergraduates will not receive any credit to their financial account. Part-time undergraduate and graduate students should refer to the refund schedule available from the Office of the Bursar.

After the add/drop period, full-time undergraduate students should contact the Dean's Office of the school they are enrolled in (not the department that teaches the class).

All other students should contact the Office of the Registrar by email or fax. Requests to drop/withdraw classes will not be accepted over the phone.

All full-time undergraduate students are eligible to enroll in one online course per semester without needing prior Dean’s Office approval. First-year students may not enroll in online courses during their first semester. 

Part-time students are not restricted to one online course. Exceptions to the one-course limit for full-time students may be made only in extenuating circumstances and must by vetted through the academic dean.

Please be aware that some online courses are condensed (only five, six, or seven weeks in duration) and therefore rigorous. Online courses often have “irregular” start and end dates (sometimes beginning at the halfway point of the semester). As with semester-long lecture-based courses, class enrollment is firmly capped, and availability may be limited.

All students must now register for classes online via Students other than Full-Time Undergraduates must submit their payment method when registering.
A student's schedule is available to print on my.Fairfield.
The Office of the Bursar will refund any money due back to the student in 4-6 weeks.

Full-time undergraduate students should contact the Office of the Bursar. All other students should contact the Office of the Registrar.


Students may download and print their enrollment verification letter from the Myhub portal. Myhub is a free, secure, and portable online application provided by the National Student Clearinghouse. It provides students with access to their verified education records from all colleges and universities participating in Myhub and more.

If a student has a specific form that needs to be filled out (i.e. for insurance), it can be dropped off or faxed to the Office of the Registrar.

Information on ordering transcripts can be found on the transcript request page.

The Office of the Registrar submits an enrollment report to the National Student Clearinghouse approximately two-weeks after the start of a semester. The National Student Clearinghouse then sends enrollment information to most lending companies.

If you find that your loan provider did not receive any type of information, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Undergraduate students taking 12 or more credits and graduate students taking 9 or more credits are considered to be full-time.


Students in the College of Arts & Sciences or Dolan School of Business should use the form located on Life@Fairfield to request a change. All other students can download and fill out the Major Change form (PDF) (also available on and then take it to their Department Chair for processing.

Note: A minimum GPA is required to switch into some majors.

Students in the College of Arts & Sciences or Dolan School of Business should use the form located on Life@Fairfield to apply for a minor or major. Students can download and fill out the Major Change or Minor/Concentration Application form (PDF) (also available on and then take it to their Department Chair for processing.

To drop a major or minor, students must make a request in writing by fax or email.

Students can run a degree evaluation, which is available on my.Fairfield. This evaluation will show what requirements have been met and not met for the completion of the program.

Students would need to speak to their current Dean. It is the Dean's decision whether any courses taken outside of Fairfield University may be accepted for credit.

Students would need to speak to their current Dean to have any adjustments made.

Students must speak with their current Dean about the withdrawal process.


Visit the Commencement website.

All students can apply to graduate via my.Fairfield. Applying to graduate is mandatory.

Emails are sent to students when the application is available. The Academic Calendar will have the deadlines listed for submitting the application.

Parchment is the official provider of diplomas for Fairfield University.

Soon after degrees are conferred, students will receive an email from Parchment asking them to confirm the mailing address for their paper diploma. Diplomas will be mailed 4-6 weeks after degrees are conferred by Fairfield University.

Students should check with their current Dean.

The graduation fee is $200. Full-time undergraduate students applying for graduation will have this charge billed to their student account in the spring semester. All other students are required to submit payment at the time of application.


Grades are posted on my.Fairfield. The Office of the Registrar does not send grades in the mail.

Grades are usually posted within four days of the end of the semester. Students should contact their individual instructors if their grades are missing.

The acceptance of prior work is up to each school and department. Questions about this should be referred to the student's Dean.

Students should speak with their instructor about grade changes.

The official mark or final letter grade earned in a course is assigned quality points. The quality points per credit hour and numerical equivalency for letter grades are as follows:

Grade Numerical Value Point Equivalent
A 4.00 93-100
A- 3.67 90-92
B+ 3.33 87-89
B 3.00 83-86
B- 2.67 80-82
C+ 2.33 77-79
C 2.00 73-76
C- 1.67 70-72
D 1.00 60-69
F 0.00 0-59

Additional information about the grading system can be found in the Academic Catalog.

Determine the numerical value for the grade received in the class by using the chart above. Multiple the numerical value by the number of credits the class was taken for. This number is the quality points for the class. Repeat these steps for each class taken during the semester. Add all of the quality points together, and divide by the total number of credits taken during that specific semester. The resulting number is the term GPA.

No. Fairfield University does not send out copies of grades to students or parents. All posted grades are available by logging into my.Fairfield. If a student needs a paper copy of his/her grades, he/she may request a transcript.

Personal Information

Contact the Office of the Registrar in-person, by mail or fax, or by email sent from the student's University Gmail account. The student's signature is required to update any contact information. Requests will not be accepted over the telephone.

Note: Parents and/or guardians may not update contact information for their student. This must be done by the student.

The Office of the Registrar needs to have a copy of the legal paperwork showing that your name was changed. This information can be dropped off at the Office of the Registrar, or sent by mail or fax.

Other Questions/Office of the Registrar Contact Information

If you have other questions related to registration, transcripts, or grades that are not addressed on this page, you may contact the Office of the Registrar at:

Telephone: (203) 254-4288
Fax: (203) 254-4109

The Office of the Registrar is located in the Kelley Center.

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