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The moment you arrive at Fairfield University, everything feels different. Our scenic, 200-acre campus is situated on the Connecticut coastline, just 60-minutes away from New York City and less than one mile from the beach. But it’s more than just our surroundings that make our campus unique — it’s our dedication to each and every student’s personal and professional growth.

For more than 75 years, Fairfield University has been graduating adept, accomplished, and socially responsible leaders in an academic community where the learning goes deeper, the friendships are more meaningful, and the experiences stay with you long after graduation. Our 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students will become your friends and support system, while our 49 majors and 48 graduate programs will give you the opportunity to turn your interests into passions and careers. At Fairfield, the future is filled with possibilities, and they all begin and end with you.

Mission, Values & History

Founded by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1942, Fairfield University is proud of its identity as the modern Jesuit Catholic University, an identity that gives rise to our vibrant institutional mission: education in the liberal arts, sciences, and professions that prepares students to lead their communities with insight, empathy, critical rigor, and a determination to serve and promote justice.

Our objectives include promoting a sense of social responsibility and making sure all students embrace and develop their full creative, intellectual potential. We provide a liberal arts education that is both broad and deep, believing that in order to better the world, you first have to understand it from a staggering number of viewpoints. We believe that each and every student is a capable individual with infinite potential, and we embrace the opportunity to turn strengths into careers. As a student at Fairfield, you'll do this through reflection, gaining and evaluating knowledge, and identifying and understanding social issues.

Leadership & Offices

Meet the faces at Fairfield that have your back. Fairfield University has gained a reputation of academic excellence for hundreds of reasons: our dedicated faculty and staff. Through them, the Fairfield mission lives and breathes, as they teach, lead, mentor, and help students with every aspect of their academic journey. Ever step of the way, they'll be in your corner, challenging you when you need to be challenged and supporting you when you need extra help. They'll be your biggest advocates, committed to helping you become not just a better student, but  a capable scholar with a lifelong thirst for learning.

About The Town

Fairfield, Connecticut, is everything a college town should be: small enough to navigate on foot, but big enough that you'll never run out of things to do once you leave campus. Located on Long Island Sound, Fairfield, Connecticut, has been ranked among America's best places to live by numerous publications for its beauty and quality of life. Downtown Fairfield is home to restaurants, theaters, museums and galleries - not to mention five beaches and a marina. Easy train access means we're close enough to New York City to turn a day trip into an adventure, yet far enough to make Fairfield seem like a completely different world.

Why Fairfield?

There are so many reasons students choose to become Stags. With a faculty of industry leaders and accomplished academics, you learn from the best. With our Catholic Jesuit tradition of rigorously educating the whole person, you become a professional with a sense of compassion and service toward others. With our NCAA and MAAC-awarded athletics teams, you always have a team to cheer for, and with the relationships you build and the experiences you have, you will quickly find a second home.


In January 2014, former University President Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J. called together the University community – students, faculty, administrators, staff, trustees, and alumni – to engage in a campus wide effort to refresh the University's Strategic Plan. 

The community was asked to reflect on the challenges facing the world of higher education in our time, to develop recommendations on how Fairfield University can best position itself to embrace new opportunities afforded by marketplace demands and new technologies, and continue to serve as a model of Jesuit education for 21st century.

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