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All students are encouraged to learn and celebrate the wide-variety of cultural, ethnic , and identity diversity present at Fairfield. Enhancing the richness of cultural diversity through student clubs and organizations is the cornerstone of a multicultural college experience outside of the classroom. These clubs abd organizations allow for students to engage with others around shared interests and identities.  The Office of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs works closely with these clubs and organizations to provide support and leadership development. 

A club fair each fall allows students the chance to join any of the established affinity clubs and organizations, but students may form new clubs according to their interests or students can visit each groups OrgSync page to find out more information on joining.

Fairfield United

This is an umbrella organization within the Office of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs supports all affinity clubs on campus. This body is comprised of a member from each affinity club that meets monthly to provide support and leadership development of members, in addition to collaboratively sponsors large events for our students of color population on campus

AAUW: American Association Of University Women

A group that fosters community and is open to all who would like to further the empowerment of women in various aspects. Men are also welcomed.

Alliance: LGBTQ+ And Ally Group

Alliance is a group for LGBTQ students and allies, which exists to promote diversity and acceptance on campus. We hold weekly meetings and a number of events and activities throughout the year. We also act as an advocacy group on campus for LGBTQ students and issues.

ASA: Asian Student Association

The purpose is to help expand the knowledge of Asian culture and promote the importance of diversity on campus among our club members, the university population, and nearby communities.

BSU: Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is a club that aims to enhance the overall experience of black students through multiple avenues including campus programming, community service, peer to peer mentoring, networking opportunities, and by providing a safe space for these students to exist at our University.

Caribbean Club

The purpose of this organization is to create a safe and welcoming environment to all who are from the Caribbean region and anyone with a different, cultural background; as well as making cross-cultural connections and forming one’s identity as we explore what it means to be from the Caribbean.

CSA: Commuter Student Association

The Commuter Student Association is an organization that supports the unique needs of our commuter students. Specific activities and events are planned that best fit the needs and schedules of our commuter students.

Distinguished Gentlemen

To create a better understanding of community among men of all backgrounds through discussion, service, and social events which will also form more intellectual and better men on campus as men for others. Members must be committed to justice and the betterment of the community. They will also be expected to not discriminate other members no matter their creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, or etc. As members they will be expected to dress and act appropriately at all events whether it be a service event or social event. In order to remain an active member it is crucial to attend meetings and community service events.

MSA: Muslim Student Association

The aim and purpose of the Association is to serve the best interest of Islam and of the Muslims at Fairfield. We aim to; promote unity and joint action among Muslims and non-Muslims, conduct social, cultural, religious, and other activities in the best interest of Islam, arrange and hold congregational prayers and Islamic religious festivals at appropriate times, promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, and endeavor to make Islamic teachings known to interest Muslims and non-Muslims.

Performing For Change

Performing for Change is an organization that speaks out about social injustices using spoken word, acting, poetry, singing, dancing, etc. We create original shows once or twice a year, and we are also involved in other club's events.


Remixx is Fairfield University’s Hip-Hop Dance Team. We are a diverse group of students unified by the shared love of music and dance. We believe that the combination of these two art forms can bring people joy, place an emphasis on art and encourage self-expression. In essence, we are individuals seeking to be the best versions of ourselves, and have found a space to laugh, learn, grow, and de-stress through our Remixx experience. We share our love of dance with the rest of the Fairfield community through various performances, and our annual Fall and Spring showcases.

SALSA: Spanish-American And Latino Student Association

Our mission is to promote Hispanic and Latino culture throughout the Fairfield community. We are also committed to offering our members the opportunity to learn about and embrace the heritage, celebrations, beliefs, and current events surrounding the Latino community.

SASA: South Asian Student Association

The mission of SASA is to increase awareness and educate the Fairfield University community about South Asian cultures. The purpose of this association is to promote and celebrate the various aspects of South Asian culture through events, fundraisers, seminars, and other social activities. SASA is open to everyone who wants to know more about South Asia, its culture, and its people.


Fairfield University Latin & Caribbean Dance Group, where we emphasize on teaching the Fairfield Community traditional dances through fun approaches. Those who choose to are invited to dance at certain events throughout the semester!

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