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Transferring to Fairfield

Why Transfer to Fairfield

No matter where you started your college journey, Fairfield University can be the school where you finish your degree and begin your future. The Office of Undergraduate Admission welcomes transfer students from accredited colleges and universities during our fall semester and is committed to making the transfer process as seamless as possible.

The deadline for fall 2024 transfer admission was April 1st. The University is no longer accepting additional applications for the fall 2024 term.

 Applicants are evaluated on their completed college coursework and high school record, as well as standardized test scores, should they choose to submit them (Fairfield University is test optional). Transfer students are accepted under full-time status and are expected to take a minimum of four courses per semester.

International transfer students applying to Fairfield are advised to visit our international students page, as they will be required to submit additional material as part of the application process.


Applying to Fairfield

How to Apply

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How to Apply

To complete a transfer application, students need to submit the following documentation by April 1 (fall semester deadline):

  • Common Application for Transfer Students
  • $60 Non-refundable Application Fee: If you are a veteran or have previously applied to Fairfield, you can email for a fee waiver
  • Official High School Transcript: If you have previously applied to Fairfield University, please ensure we have received a transcript that includes your final grades. Official transcripts can be sent directly to Fairfield University from the high school by mail or by email to Alternately, official transcripts can be received through the Common Application if submitted directly from the high school to Common Application.
  • Official College Transcript from All Universities Attended (whether or not credit was earned)
  • Course Catalog Descriptions of All Classes Taken: Descriptions can be sent via e-mail to
    A course description looks like the following:
    PSYC 1010: This course introduces the science of mental processes and behavior by addressing a range of questions including: How is brain activity related to thought and behavior? What does it mean to learn and remember something? How do we see, hear, taste, and smell? How do we influence one another's attitudes and actions? What are the primary factors that shape a child's mental and emotional development? How and why do we differ from one another? What are the origins and most effective treatments of mental illness?
    You must submit a course description for each class you have taken and/or are taking in college. Please copy and paste these descriptions into a Word document (in chronological order) and send to
  • Mid-term Grade Progress Report (Optional)
  • Dean of Students Certification Form: The Common Application does provide forms that are similar to our Dean of Students Certification Form. We ask that you complete either form.
  • ACT or SAT Standardized Test Scores: Please note that Fairfield University has a test optional policy for domestic students. International students and home-schooled students are required to submit test scores.

Please send all required documents to:
Office of Undergraduate Admission
Fairfield University
1073 North Benson Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

Application Deadlines

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Application Deadlines

The priority application deadline for entry into the fall semester is April 1. Students who apply by this date—and have all supporting documents to our office—will receive review for admission, institutional financial aid, merit scholarships, and housing.

Important Application Information

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Important Application Information

Students who applied to Fairfield University as first-year students, but were denied admission, are required to complete one full year of college course work in a full-time status elsewhere, before reapplying as a transfer student.

A minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.5/4.0 is required for students interested in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and the Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies (for public health and social work ONLY). Students interested in transferring into the Charles F. Dolan School of Business must have maintained at least a 2.8/4.0 cumulative GPA.

Please note that Fairfield University does not currently accept transfer students into the Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies’ undergraduate nursing program.

To merit a Fairfield University degree, at least 60 credits must be taken at Fairfield. This includes the last 30 semester credits immediately preceding graduation that must be earned at Fairfield University.

Transfer students with international academic credentials must have their documents translated (if not in English) and evaluated. Please refer to our international students page for more information and referral to the WES evaluation.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, please complete our Request for Information form. If you have additional questions following the completion of the form, please contact

Additional information regarding visit opportunities for transfer students can be found on our visit page.

Transferring Credits

Copies of course catalog descriptions for all college courses taken at your current university are necessary to complete a credit evaluation. When sending this information to, please be sure to include your full name on all documents.

Applicants should also be aware of the following criteria regarding transfer credits.

  • Courses with a grade of less than "C" will not be accepted for transfer credit.
    • Credit will only be granted only for specific work completed at institutions whose quality has been approved by the University.
  • Only credit hours will be accepted for credit. The actual grades will not transfer.
  • Courses that are 10 years or older cannot be transferred to fulfill major requirements for graduation.
  • Students entering Fairfield University may be eligible to receive college credit for work previously completed in high school through advanced placement exams, international baccalaureate courses, or college courses completed while in high school. These courses will be evaluated upon enrollment and not as a part of the admission process.
  • Fairfield University has a residency requirement for transferring students. As a result, students must spend four semesters in the full-time day program and complete a minimum of 60 credit hours at Fairfield University in order to be eligible for the degree.
  • Transfer students with international academic credentials must have their documents translated (if not in English) and evaluated. Please refer to our international students page for more information and referral to the WES evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are admitted to Fairfield, you will be notified which of your credits will transfer at that time. While you cannot know for certain at the time of application which of your credits will transfer, you can compare individual course descriptions in your present institution's course catalog with Fairfield University's online course catalog. By comparing these descriptions, you may be able to ascertain the similarity of the courses and whether your present courses seem to correspond with any Fairfield courses.

Answer: Although the application deadline is not until April 1, it is helpful to submit your application materials earlier so the Office of Undergraduate Admission may notify you if your application is incomplete due to missing components. Meeting the deadline also allows for full consideration for scholarships, financial aid, and housing.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission offers regularly scheduled campus visits during certain times of the year. Check our campus visit web page or call 203-254-4100 for further information. You may also email to set up an in-person or virtual meeting with a transfer admission counselor.

Answer: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all supporting materials by the application deadline.

If you are reconsidering Fairfield University after previously submitting an application for freshman or transfer admission, you will need to complete a new transfer application. Fairfield will waive the application fee if you have previously applied.

Contact to receive a fee waiver code and review what documents are required.

Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve per the Common Application prompt.

The only recommendation needed is the form to be completed by your dean of students. You may, however, have recommendations sent from sources who have something valuable to say about your academic performance or character.

Review of applications typically begins in March for fall semester matriculation. The admission committee aims to review a completed file within a month of all supporting documents being received.

A Mid-term Grade Progress Report form may be downloaded from our website, or from the Common Application website, and is used to evaluate your current semester’s progress. If many of your classes are virtual, or you are not on campus to meet with your faculty, you may reach out to your faculty via e-mail and request that they submit to you current estimations of your grades. Once you compile the responses in one document, it can be sent via e-mail to

While mid-term grades are optional, the admission committee appreciates receiving them to get a sense of your current academic progress.

Providing copies of course descriptions with your application is a required part of the admission process as it assists us in reviewing your credits for transfer. We make every effort to transfer any credits that appropriately fit the curricula offered by Fairfield University. Students receive a preliminary credit evaluation at the time they are admitted and will finalize these credits with their academic dean at the time of enrollment. Only courses bearing three credit hours or more (or the equivalent at colleges with different credit policies) and with a grade of “C” or better will be considered for transfer credit. Students must complete a minimum of 60 credits to earn an undergraduate degree at Fairfield University.

You have the opportunity to catch up on your studies through winter or summer classes offered at Fairfield University or by taking additional classes during the academic year.

All applicants are encouraged to apply for financial aid. If you plan on applying for financial aid, you must complete and submit both the FAFSA and CSS Profile. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure both forms are received by Fairfield University for the appropriate aid year. The FAFSA website is and Fairfield University’s school code is 001385. The CSS Profile website is and Fairfield University’s school code is 3390. If you have previously completed these forms for another institution during the current aid year, you must log back in to your accounts and request they be submitted to Fairfield University.

Fairfield University is able to offer a limited number of merit awards to admitted students. Recipients of the awards are notified of their selection at the time of admission. Additionally, if you are a member of Phi Theta Kappa we encourage you to provide us with a copy of your membership certificate to consider you for a limited number of additional scholarships.


You will receive enrollment information at the time you are admitted. After submitting an enrollment deposit, admitted students meet with their academic dean to discuss the final transfer of credits and the registration process for the upcoming semester.

While Fairfield University cannot guarantee on-campus living arrangements for transfer students, we will accept housing requests and make every effort to accommodate students on campus. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with priority given to those who meet the priority application deadlines.

Yes. As a transfer student, you are offered a one-day orientation just prior to the start of your enrolling semester. This provides an opportunity for you to meet many of our staff and other students, and to familiarize yourself with campus resources. Information about orientation and ongoing transition support follows enrollment at the University.

If you have additional questions, please contact following enrollment.

Absolutely! There are a multitude of on-campus resources available to all of our matriculated students. In addition to meeting with your academic dean to register for classes, the dean’s office will continue to serve as a resource for academic support throughout your time as an undergraduate. They will assist you as you continue to explore our various majors, and also you will find a variety of programming to help with your academic transition including study skills sessions, and subject-specific tutoring. We do also have a math center and writing center available to students. Additionally, career development staff assigned to each undergraduate division are available to assist you proceed on your academic journey, and begin thinking about internship and job opportunities. The Office of Accessibility facilitates reasonable academic and campus life accommodations for students who disclose a disability and request accommodations. All of these resources are available by appointment.

Finally, as a transfer student you will also be registered for a “Transfer First Year Experience” course which meets throughout your first semester and has both a professional staff member and current students serving as mentors. The goal of the Transfer First Year Experience (TEX) program is to CONNECT students with each other, faculty, staff, and the University; to INSPIRE excellence during this transitionary period; and for students to THRIVE holistically as they acclimate to being a part of the Fairfield University Community.

This will be determined by how many credits we formally approve for transfer and which degree program you wish to pursue.

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