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Students at Fairfield University's School of Engineering receive an education based on one-on-one interaction with dedicated faculty and close collaboration with like-minded peers. Not only will you learn how things work, but how to make them work better. This engaging, interactive approach will provide you with the necessary training and confidence to solve the world's engineering problems with creative and effective solutions.


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The bioengineering (BioE) curriculum provides both breadth and depth across the range of engineering domains such as mechanical, electrical, computer or software engineering. The program prepares graduates to have an understanding of biology and physiology, as well as the capability to apply advanced mathematics, science and engineering to solve the problems at the interface of engineering and biology.

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Computer Engineering

Through the integration of theoretical work and hands-on learning, computer engineering students gain a broad engineering understanding, combined with in-depth knowledge of computer hardware, software, application tradeoffs, and the basic procedures of the computing process. Led by a lively, personable faculty, you obtain the knowledge and abilities to become leaders in the world of computer technology.

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Computer Science

Computational thinking and processes permeate our daily lives, revolutionizing our understanding of the natural world, our tools, and of ourselves. Knowledge of computer science has become highly valued in such diverse fields as psychology, biology, and even philosophy. A degree in Computer Science gives one both marketable skills and intellectual breadth that can be applied to any career choice.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering majors learn to apply mathematical and physical principles to a wide variety of electrical, electronic, and computer-based devices and systems. Through an arrangement of theory-based coursework combined with hands-on learning, students are introduced to a broad range of engineering concepts and topics.

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Management of Technology

Fairfield University's Master of Science in the Management of Technology (MSMOT) endows students with the necessary knowledge, creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills to successfully manage technology enterprises of all kinds. This is accomplished by the broad MSMOT curriculum, which includes courses from the MBA program in the Dolan School of Business. The program is focused on the use of management and business principles for projects related to technology.

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Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering program at Fairfield University presents students with a broad spectrum of applications in all aspects of modern technology. Mechanical engineering majors receive a comprehensive, hands-on education detailing the properties of materials, and the design of machines that shape modern daily life.

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Software Engineering

The software engineering major prepares students to understand the critical aspects of software engineering and the impact they have on society. Students are led to a full understanding of the current and evolving technologies in fields such as software engineering, computer network systems operations, and computer programming languages. Led by an active faculty that provides a collaborative, hands-on learning experience and theoretical coursework, the program provides a comprehensive and dynamic study for software engineering majors.

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5 Year BS/MS Programs in Engineering

It is estimated that approximately 35% of engineering students now begin their careers with a master’s degree. A master’s degree has not only become more common, but nets you a great return on your investment.

Fairfield University School of Engineering offers five-year bachelor’s/master’s programs in each of our undergraduate disciplines – allowing you to reduce the time to a master’s degree by at least a year and providing you with the experiential learning and credentials you need to get your career off to a great start. You’ll graduate with the knowledge and confidence you need to create the next generation of solutions to complex technological and societal problems.

School of Engineering 5-year BS/MS programs:

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