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Program Overview

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) provides a broad knowledge of the arts, and empowers students to understand and create artistic expression. Our program offers a hands-on learning approach to unlock the creative potential of our students while encouraging the curiosity, growth and development of the artistic spirit.

Our program helps you to grow your intuitive, creative and expressive talents and connect them with reasoning skills. Here, you will develop your own creative process, and give shape to your own experience through experimentation, introspection and risk taking. With this exposure and experience, you will have the creative and artistic abilities to pursue a variety of professional challenges and careers.

Art History & Visual Culture


The art history and visual culture program at Fairfield University offers a complete curriculum covering the major movements and developments in art and history throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Upon graduation, the skills you will acquire often lead to successful careers in education, museums and galleries, marketing, advertising, law, and media.

Film, Television & Media Arts


The film, television, and media arts major and minor provides students with a detailed understanding of the visual, creative, and communicative power of various media. Upon graduation, you will be fully prepared to continue your education in postgraduate programs or join the workforce as a knowledgeable professional in such fields as broadcasting, public relations, advertising, telecommunications, and marketing.

Graphic Design


The interdisciplinary minor in graphic design asks students to learn, reflect, and act as designers, preparing them for work in the increasingly complex world of design.The minor offers students the ability to develop design skills, explore different understandings of visual communication, enhance other fields of study, and prepare for a variety of careers.



Music majors and minors at Fairfield develop their creative skills by exploring the many dimensions of music, while also building their critical, analytical, and aesthetic thinking skills. The training received in the Music Department will allow you to become cultured leaders on the forefront of music, music education, and other related fields.

Studio Art


The studio art program focuses on students' creative inquiry, and provides a platform to develop the techniques, sensibility, and understanding necessary for working with different materials. A studio art major provides a solid basis for continuing work in graduate school or finding work in art-related fields such as design, teaching, museum and gallery curating, art therapy, design, and advertising.



The theatre program at Fairfield University offers students a liberal arts education infused with the theoretical and everyday aspects of the theatre profession. A theatre major prepares you for a multitude of careers. Our graduates have gone on to become industry experts, as well as managers, lawyers, and educators.

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