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Help forge a global movement to protect our planet. Volunteers lead grassroots efforts in their communities to protect the environment and strengthen understanding of environmental issues. They teach environmental awareness in elementary and secondary schools and to youth groups and community organizations, empowering communities to make their own decisions about how to protect and conserve the local environment. Volunteers also address environmental degradation by promoting sustainable use of natural resources.

Students who choose Environment, take three courses from one of the following areas:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Biology

Recommended courses:

  • AETH 2283 Environmental Justice
  • AETH 2284 Environmental Ethics
  • ANTH 3600 Anthropological Research Methods
  • BIOL 1074 Biology of Food
  • BIOL 3319 Latin American Ecosystems
  • BIOL 3319 Zoology Field Experience
  • BUSN 3220 Environmental Law and Policy
  • CHEM 1085 Chemistry, Energy & Environment
  • ENGR 1031 Fundamentals of Engineering 
  • ENGR 4961,4962 Senior Design
  • EVST 2004 Causes and Solutions of Environmental Problems
  • ENVT 3980 Environment Internship*
  • ENVST 2005 Campus Sustainability
  • POLI 2112 US Environmental Politics and Policy
  • POLI 2474 International Environmental Policy
  • POLI 2475 Climate Change: International Politics and Policy
  • PHYS 1093 Energy and the Environment

And build 50 hours of related field experience through an activity such as:

  • Educating the public on environmental or conservation issues, i.e. LEAF student club (Leadership for Environmental Action at Fairfield), Campus Sustainability Committee
  • Working on environmental campaigns (i.e. the federal government through a semester-long program of study, i.e. Washington Internship Institute)
  • Conducting biological surveys of plants or animals as faculty-led research project
  • Gardening, farming, nursery management, organic or low-input vegetable production, or landscaping on campus garden, ie., Sporthill Farm etc.
  • Providing technical assistance and training in natural resource management to local NGOs, community groups, or school children
  • Enrolling in a service learning or practicum course such as:
    • ENVR 3980 Environment Internship*
    • BIOL 3319 Zoology Field Experience
      • *Choose an internship from a variety of organizations involved in environmental science, environmental policy, environmental economics, and environmental law. Please see the website for a list of past Environmental Studies internships 
  • Students can work with the career counselor in their school or college to assist them with finding internship, volunteer, research or experiential learning opportunities to support their sector of choice.

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