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Students interested in education may focus on concentrations in: Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education; English; TEFL/TESOL; Math*; Computer Science*; Engineering*; any Physical or Biological Science*


Required course: 

  1. ED 200: Explorations in Education: Teaching, Learning, and Schooling

Two courses from the following approved list:

  • ED 241: Educational Psychology
  • ED 329: Philosophy of Education: An Introduction
  • ED 350: Special Learners in the Mainstream Classroom
  • ED 431: Extending Literacy in the Elementary School: Grades 3-6
  • ED 437: Developing Literacy in the Elementary School: Primary Grades
  • ED 459: Developmental Reading in the Secondary School
  • ED 522: Learning and the Child’s Experience
  • EN 172:  Literacy and Language
  • EN/W 311: Advanced Composition for Teachers
  • EN/W 317: Teaching and Learning Grammar (appropriate for TESOL instruction)
  • EN 411:  Teaching Writing Grades 3-12 (ELL)
  • MD 300:  Introduction to Educational Technology


* Students planning to teach in a STEM field may count any Fairfield University course in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Math, or Physics, towards this two-course requirement.

   Students must also build 50 hours of related field experience through an activity, such as:

  • Teaching in a classroom, within a community outreach organization, or in a formal tutoring capacity. The subject of the teaching may be English as a foreign/second language, special education, drama, or a STEM subject
  • Tutoring opportunities at Fairfield, available through the Center for Faith and Public Life, Campus Ministry, the International Studies Program, as well as through many academic programs
  • Student teaching opportunities through the Educational Studies Minor in the School of Education and Human Development
  • Service learning courses in various departments and schools that incorporate practical education methods (see list below)
  • Volunteer opportunities through the Cesar Batalla School partnership in the Center for Faith and Public Life. There are also opportunities to volunteer outside of Service Learning courses
  • Weekly volunteer opportunities at several schools in Bridgeport through Campus Ministry
  • Volunteer opportunities with local refugee and immigrant populations through the on-campus Refugee Mentoring Program. The Mentoring Program is a collaboration between the Center for Faith and Public Life and the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants (CIRI)
  • Humanitarian Action Internship (HA 298) and International Studies Program internships (IL 298) including Global Scholars Program summer internships in the Global South which include practical education methods
  • Campus Ministry service immersion programs and alternative breaks which include practical education methods


Approved Education Service Learning courses include:

  • AY 135:  Refugees and Culture in the Modern World
  • EN 11/12:  Texts and Contexts I & II (Service Learning with Jill Bodach only)
  • EN 141:  Shakespeare
  • EN 172:  Literacy and Language
  • EN 411:  Teaching Writing for Grades 3-12
  • EG 260:  Robots
  • ENW 290:  Writing and Responding
  • PO 141:  African Politics
  • PO 129:  Politics of Humanitarian Action
  • SP 253:  Spanish American Civilization
  • SW 304/406:  Web Development


Students are required to have field experience hours and service learning courses determined or confirmed in writing by the faculty member teaching the course. 

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