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In accordance with state and federal law, Fairfield University is committed to providing accommodations to eligible students and visitors with disabilities in order to ensure accessibility and equal opportunities to its programs, services, and activities. Accessibility located within the Academic & Career Development Center facilitates reasonable accommodations for students who disclose a disability, meet the eligibility requirement and request accommodations through Accessibility.

Current Students

Accessibility within the Academic and Career Development Center facilitates effective, reasonable classroom accommodations for all students on campus who disclose a disability, meet the eligibility criteria, and request accommodations.

Students are encouraged to meet with each professor after registering with Accessibility to review accommodation requests and how they will pertain to each class. Students should talk to professors about how their disability affects learning and how the acessibility accommodations will be implemented at the beginning of each semester.

If you would like to register with Accessibility for the first time, please contact Accessibility within the Academic & Career Development Center.

Prospective Students & Parents

At Fairfield University, we offer a comprehensive array of accessibility services for our students. We provide students with the tools to enable them to feel on equal ground with their peers, while giving them the freedom to develop greater self-esteem and confidence in their abilities to succeed. Services provided through Accessibility can help to enhance a student’s development socially, cognitively and academically to give them the extra support they need to achieve success at Fairfield University.

Faculty & Staff

Fairfield University encourages all faculty and staff to read all communications from Accessibility located within the Academic & Career Development Center and to comply with all requested accommodations as written. If the request for accessibility accommodations is unclear, appears to fundamentally alter the requirements of the course, or appears to be unreasonable, faculty/staff are expected to contact the Director of Accessibility immediately. If a student requests accommodations and the faculty/staff member has not been notified of the student's need for accommodations by Accessibility, the faculty/staff member should refer the student to Accessibility within the Academic & Career Development Center.

Fairfield University also encourages faculty to include information on the course syllabus and to make an announcement at the beginning of the semester inviting students with disabilities to schedule an appointment to discuss academic accommodations with the Director of Accessibility.

Disability Advocates Network

The “Disability Advocates Network” is composed of student leaders, faculty, and staff members who have attended a workshop by the Accessibility staff within the Academic and Career Development Center. The members of the network have been provided with information on how to best support individuals with disabilities by learning about disability awareness, campus resources, and how students can request reasonable accommodations through Accessibility. The network’s goal is to provide Fairfield University community members with a front line of approachable individuals who are knowledgeable and safe to discuss disability related matters with.

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