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Faculty Opportunities

Faculty Resource Network

Since 1984, Fairfield University has been a member of the Faculty Resource Network (FRN) housed at New York University, Washington Square, New York City. The (FRN) at NYU is an award-winning professional development initiative that sponsors programs for faculty members from a consortium of over 50 colleges and universities. Fairfield faculty are eligible to participate in FRN programs and events offered year-round, including summer seminars, research residencies, lunchtime lectures, panel discussions, national symposia, and more. To learn more about FRN symposia, institutes, the scholar-in-residence programs, the University Associates program, and for applications and deadlines, visit the FRN website.

Faculty Leadership Fellows

CAE's Leadership Development program is working to build campus expertise and cultivate campus leadership for teaching and learning. Fellows will gain hands-on experience through ongoing CAE leadership roles in mentoring, campus partnerships and collaborations, sustained learning communities, integrative teaching and learning, engaged teaching and scholarship, strategic planning, grant writing, assessment, conference and event planning and management, SoTL research and publishing and other CAE endeavors.

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