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Dear Parents & Families,

As the parent or family of a Fairfield University student, you may have many questions concerning the experience they are having here at Fairfield University. You may also have questions about Fairfield University itself! We recognize the important role that parents and families play in supporting students in these critical transitional years. In addition to being personally accessible, all of us here at Fairfield want to provide you with ready access to information that will be informative and helpful. For that reason, the Parents and Families webpage was specifically designed to link you to some of the most commonly requested information and facts about Fairfield University.

Being a college student in today's age is a transitional experience not only for students, but for their families as well. The Fairfield University experience is one grounded in the Jesuit idea of supporting one another, and developing a community of scholars who are well-prepared to engage the world in meaningful and beneficial ways. We are proud and appreciative of our students' decision to attend Fairfield, and want to do everything we can to make their experience - and yours - a positive one. That begins with clear, open and routine communications in the areas that are most relevant to you. We hope this webpage will assist us in meeting that important goal.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact my office at 203-254-4000, ext. 2244, or any other office for further assistance.

Karen Donoghue, MA
Vice President for Student Life


We are dedicated to fostering a sense of community, and this begins with where you live. The deepest learning and strongest bonds form when you're in an environment that's not just comfortable, but intellectually and creatively stimulating. Some students find they're most at home in our more traditional residence halls, townhouses, or apartment complexes. Others prefer our living and learning, or residential college communities - an opportunity to connect with students who have similar interests, while settling into life on campus.


More than 80 percent of Fairfield University undergraduates live on campus, meaning that when you sign up for a meal plan, chances are you'll run into a few of your friends at every meal. You can choose from a variety of dining options, including deli, grill, and vegetarian options. We even encourage students to share their favorite recipes from home, so we can provide a wider and more popular selection of menu items.

Career Center

At Fairfield, we're committed to every aspect of your education, including what happens after you graduate. We want to provide you with a return on your investment - meaning finding a career you're passionate about pursuing. The Career Center offers many services to assist students and alumni at any stage of their career development process and maintains strong partnerships with companies that regularly hire Fairfield graduates.

Care Packages

The Mailroom is located in the Barone Campus Center, Second Level full-time undergraduate students are assigned a campus mailbox located on the second floor. Graduate and part-time students are not eligible for campus mailboxes. The mailroom offers all students a full range of postal services (e.g., stamps, mailing packages). Cash and StagBucks are accepted.

Stag Card

All students, employees and long-term contractors of Fairfield University are required to obtain and carry a StagCard, which is the University's official identification card. All new employees will receive an authorization form from Human Resources. Contractors will receive an authorization form from their University sponsor. Students must be registered for classes (incoming freshman class excepted). Please bring government-issued identification (e.g. driver's license, passport) with you when you come for a card.

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