Fairfield Legacy Association

Did you know that 15% of Fairfield University graduates are members of a legacy family?

Fairfield University’s legacy families consist of students and alumni whose family members - including parents, grandparents, and/or siblings - attended or currently attend Fairfield. The University truly values our legacy families’ continued involvement and contributions and hosts a number of special programs to help legacy families stay in touch with Fairfield and one another.

Once a Stag, Always a Stag!

Thank you to all who attended our 5th annual Alumni & Family Weekend Legacy Reception!

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2018 Fairfield Legacy Association Reception

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Legacy Programs

 Alumni & Family Weekend Legacy Reception

All Fairfield legacy alumni, students and their families are invited to campus to celebrate their Fairfield Families at a special reception during Alumni & Family Weekend.

  • Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fairfield University Legacy Scholarship (Formerly: Alumni Association Sons & Daughters Scholarship)

Potential recipients must be a current undergraduate Fairfield University student and have a minimum of one (1) parent or grandparent who is a recipient of an undergraduate or graduate level Fairfield University degree. Eligibility is contingent upon demonstrated significant financial need and good academic standing (3.0 cumulative GPA). All legacy sons, daughters, and/or grandchildren who are current undergraduate students are eligible for consideration. Those qualified will be reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid.

The purpose of the scholoarship is to aid Fairfield University sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters who are a current undergraduate students at Fairfield University; to encourage them to continue their hard work and to reward their high academic achievement, financial need, and school/ community service in their first year and remaining years at Fairfield.

Once the recipient(s) have been chosen, they will be notified formally via their Financial Aid packet directly through Financial Aid. The scholarship is a renewable award that will remain payable for a maximum of three years provided the recipient remains in compliance with the aforementioned qualifications. For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Legacy Family Trees

“Not only are we family, but we share a bond through our love for and dedication to Fairfield University over three generations.”

“We are all so proud to have been educated in the Jesuit tradition. Fairfield has continually demonstrated that they value their alumni as they have shown their generosity to any qualified applicants from our family time and time again.”

“I have a great sense of pride knowing that my son is carrying on the family tradition of a Fairfield University education. Whether it is attending the Legacy Brunch on Parents’ Weekend, going to a Fairfield Stags basketball game, or visiting the bookstore to pick up some new gear, each visit evokes great memories and stories that we share with each other.”

“The Jesuit ideal of being men and women for others is something that we try to live up to the best that we can. We feel very fortunate for all the opportunities that were given to us throughout our lives and it’s important for us to give back in any way that we can.”

“It is the thrill of a lifetime to share my Fairfield Legacy with two of my sons and now a grandson. I came to this campus as a Prep Freshman in 1949, and to still be involved with Fairfield 69 years later, and experiencing Fairfield's growth in reputation and physical plant, is truly a blessing.”

“A Fairfield education assists students to develop into well rounded individuals who are able to stretch their intellectual curiosity while encouraging a deeper understanding of their place in society. As a result, Fairfield embodies the values that our family believes in and fosters creativity and moral responsibility. Although the campus has changed dramatically over our family's three generations, these values have remained the same.”

Fairfield Legacy Association