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Scholarships and named funds in perpetuity start at $50,000 and can be payable over 3-5 years.

For more information on scholarships and named funds, please contact Nick Wormley, Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Executive Director of Development for Athletics & Recreation at (203)-254-4000, ext. 2474, or e-mail


Alumni Association Athletic Scholarship

A scholarship established by the Fairfield University Alumni Association to provide financial aid to junior or senior student-athletes with demonstrated need who have made significant contributions to their teams.

The Ciacci-Pascale '65 Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is to be awarded to a student-athlete that is a Connecticut resident who best demonstrates the desire, compassion, courage, and leadership of Douglas E. Ciacci and Joseph G. Pascale, both members of Fairfield University’s graduating class of 1965.

The Victor J. Buckmir Athletic Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established by Victor J. Buckmir to provide an annual award to a student-athlete who demonstrates financial need.

The Walter G. Ryba, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund honors the memory of the late Dr. Walter G. Ryba, Jr., who served as Dean of the Charles F. Dolan School of Business from 1998-2000. Awarding is decided with a focus on minority students with demonstrated need and who have shown significant leadership in academics, student activities, and athletics in high school.

Ice Hockey

The John Roe O'Mealia Scholarship Fund

This scholarship, established in memory of John R. O’Mealia ’80 by his family and friends, provides financial assistance with a preference for a student from New Jersey who played hockey at the high school level or who plays on a club team. The recipient should exhibit a strong sense of character and positive outlook.

The James E. Horne Scholarship

This scholarship is to be awarded to a junior or senior student-athlete who plays hockey — club or intramural — or played hockey in high school.

Men’s Basketball

The Mark Beckwith '80 Scholarship

A scholarship established by Mark Beckwith ’80 to provide financial aid to a potential men's basketball student-athlete.

Men’s and Women's Golf

The Virginia Spillane and Family Golf Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2004 by Todd ’81 and Maureen ’82 Spillane in loving memory of Virginia C. Spillane. Preference is given to a student who dem¬onstrates financial need, maintains a minimum grade point average of 3.0, and is a member of the Men’s Varsity Golf team.

James M. Cotter Scholarship for Varsity Golf

A scholarship established by James Cotter ’64 for a male or female member of the Varsity Golf team based on athletic ability.

Men’s Soccer

The Carlos M. Cardoso '81 Scholarship

A scholarship established by Carlos Cardoso ’81 to provide financial aid to men’s soccer students with a preference for an individual who is a minority, or is from another under-represented population, who has demonstrated need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.

Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse

Anne K. and Hugh F. Coyle Scholarship

A scholarship established by the Coyle Family, including siblings Hugh Coyle ’88, Jane Coyle Ballentine ’86, Maryanne Coyle Andrews ’93, and Jennifer A. Coyle, in honor of their parents. The scholarship provides financial aid for students with demonstrated need. Initial preference is for students from the greater Baltimore, MD or Washington, DC geographic regions. Special consideration is to be given to students who participate in the Men’s or Women’s Lacrosse Club programs and meet all other criteria.

Varsity Rowing

The O'Meara-Foster Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established by B. Maxwell O’Meara in honor of his mother, Marguerite F. O’Meara and aunt, Grace M. Foster, to provide financial aid to an upper-classman (non-freshman), with a minimum GPA of 3.0 from the College of Arts & Sciences. Special preference should be granted to candidates who are military veterans, Native Americans, or members of the Varsity Rowing Team.

Program Funds

Varsity Athletics

The Andrew DeLuca Fund for Varsity Athletics

An endowed fund established by Anthony DeLuca ’83 to support student-athlete academic services and support for varsity athletes.


Men’s Basketball

George R. Bisacca Fund for Men's Basketball

This current use fund helps provide Cost of Attendance (COA) for student-athletes. It was established by family and friends of George Bisacca to honor his contributions to the Fairfield University’s Men’s Basketball program during his tenure as the basketball coach from 1958-1968 and as the University athletic director from 1962-1971.

Joseph A. Linnehan Fund for Men's Basketball

An endowed fund established by Joseph’75 and Linda Linnehan to support the Men’s Varsity Basketball Team.


Women’s Basketball

40th Anniversary Endowment for Women’s Basketball

An endowed fund established by Diane Oakley ’75 to provide funding for the Women’s Basketball program’s highest priority needs.


Men’s Rowing

Class of 2015 Men's Varsity Rowing Fund

An endowed fund established by John and Mary Sullivan P’15 to support the Men’s Varsity Rowing Team.

Wendy and Art Fuller Family Fund for Men's Rowing

An endowed fund established by Art and Wendy M’03 Fuller to support the Men’s Varsity Rowing Team.


Men's Soccer

Rob and Kristin McMahon '87 Endowed Fund for Varsity Men’s Soccer

An endowed fund established by Rob ’87 and Kristen ’87 McMahon to provide enhancements to the Varsity Men's Soccer program above and beyond their budgetary allocation.

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