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Responding to the Needs of Students

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Fairfield students still need your help.

Over the last year, many students, families, and friends have been dramatically impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Stags for Stags, a response to urgent and critical student needs, remains a call to action for members of the Fairfield University community to bond together in the spirit of helping one another in times of great need.

Since March 2020, more than 2,000 alumni, parents and friends have made a Stag for Stags gift, ensuring students and faculty have resources necessary to maintain the highest level of academic inquiry and learning.

By making your first gift, or renewing your support today, your generosity can support several critical funds.

Critical Student Needs

The Need

The Financial Aid & Scholarship and Multicultural Scholarship Funds

Providing essential resources for students to begin or continue their Fairfield education, gifts to the Financial Aid & Scholarship Fund help students overcome financial burdens, including those with unanticipated needs they face as a result of the pandemic. The Multicultural Scholarship Fund also amplifies access and inclusion for students of color through immediate-use scholarship—diversifying the student body and promoting the value we can realize when we teach, learn, and grow together.

Your Impact


students that received an additional need-based grant over the past year thanks to generous supporters.

As more students and their families apply for crucial aid, continued support will impact even more lives and futures.


is the average amount for each grant.

"Each day, I talk to families who have experienced the loss of a job or an event that pushes a Fairfield education out of reach. Additional funds for financial aid will help so many deserving and talented students overcome this obstacle."

— Corry D. Unis Vice President for Enrollment Management

The Need

Student Wellness & Resiliency Fund

The Student Wellness & Resiliency Fund enables the University to strengthen its unwavering commitment to the health of our campus community. The fund directly supports the response to students in crisis and increases capacity to care for students’ physical and mental health through outreach and counseling innovations.

Your Impact

Your support is helping Fairfield address the increases in student stress through expanded outreach and enhanced mental health counseling, psychological, and substance abuse services.

Continued support will ensure that the needs of every student are met as we advance through the 2021 academic year and beyond.

"We have to protect our community and amplify outreach and make sure students are caring for their minds, their bodies, and their souls."

— Karen Donoghue ’03 Vice President for Student Life

The Need

Academic Response & Preparedness

The Academic Response & Preparedness Fund helps to ensure students have access to online learning and technology that will complement their classroom education and new learning modalities.

Your Impact


is the number of outdoor classes students were able to enjoy in fall 2020 using social distanced tents throughout our beautiful campus.

Regardless of whether learning takes place in a traditional classroom, in a virtual setting, or a combination of both, generosity is ensuring that students and faculty have the resources they need to maintain and expand academic rigor and engagement.

"Fairfield students and faculty have proven to be resilient, innovative, and steadfast in their desire to learn and grow in service to others. While the pandemic has disrupted what we have known to be normal, it is easy to see that new skills for learning, communicating, and collaborating during this time will last a lifetime."

— Christine Siegel, PhD Provost

The Need

Campus Spirituality & Student Guidance

The Campus Spirituality & Student Guidance Fund enhances the University’s response to students’ spiritual necessities by supporting a variety of programming that focuses on reflection, incorporating God into daily life, and learning more about the Ignatian Pilgrimage.

Your Impact

Over the last year, many students, families, and friends have been dramatically impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Stags for Stags, a response to urgent and critical student needs, remains a call to action for members of the Fairfield University community to bond together in the spirit of helping one another in times of great need.

"It is essential that all students, especially first-year students unfamiliar with campus living and learning can seek the guidance, support, comfort, and sense of community through God that is a hallmark of the Fairfield experience."

— Rev. Paul Rourke, S.J., Vice President for Mission and Ministry

You can ensure that Fairfield students can continue to access the best education possible, no matter what challenges arise, by making a Stags for Stags gift today.

Athletics Needs

Fairfield Athletics continue to adhere to Stags Compete, Stags Care, Stags Lead, and Stags Grow, in an overall effort to ensure that every student-athlete is “Built for Life.” The Fairfield community has embraced this mantra and continue to help us ensure that our student-athletes have a championship caliber experience on campus that aligns them for success upon graduation.

As we continue the planning process for our varsity programs to return to campus to compete at the highest level, support from alumni, parents, and friends is paramount to enhance the educational experience of our Stags student-athletes. Your support towards the operational needs of each program provides them with the requisite resources to compete for championships and supplement scholarship allocations that can be used to help our student-athletes get through these uncertain times.

Read about how record-setting support from our Stag community during the 2019-20 academic year has already helped our student-athletes persevere during these unprecedented times.

Please continue supporting our 450 student-athletes to ensure that they are at their best when they are able to return to competition.

Thank You

"Get a Mask, Give a Mask" Student Giveaway

Thank you to more than 1,000 alumni, parents, and friends who made a Stags for Stags gift to provide over 1,000 Fairfield students with a free mask! Check out these photos of students receiving their Fairfield face masks.

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