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How to Stand Out in a Video Interview
Originally presented on May 12, 2020
Presented by Carolyn Estelle '06, Director of Executive Search at Captivate Talent

When applying for a job, have you ever wondered what you can do to separate yourself from the rest of the applicants? Find out from those who do it daily. Video interviewing is now the primary method of interacting with recruiters, so now is the time to fine tune those skills and bring your “A game.”

Overcoming a Career Slump

Originally presented on May 8, 2018

From time to time all of us can experience a career slump; however, it can be a meaningful experience. It allows us to identify the gaps in our work and career. Together we will explore your interests, motivated skills, personality style, needs and values to allow you to achieve greater career satisfaction. At the end of the webinar you will feel inspired and energized to take action to achieve your future goals.

Presenter Lynn Berger is a career counselor and coach specializing in helping people make the most of their lives and feel fulfilled. In her position she counsels people how to effectively transition to jobs and/or careers, balance their roles and responsibilities and understand the choices before them.

Recruiters, Recruiters, Recruiters — Can’t Live With ‘em, Can’t Live Without ‘em

Originally presented on October 17, 2017

This webinar will improve your understanding and dealings with executive recruiters, ATS systems, Sourcers, and the new LinkedIn interface to position yourself for your career search.

You will learn:

  • How to maximize and control what recruiters see so that you Differentiate vs. Disappear
  • How recruiters USE LinkedIn vs. the way we use LinkedIn
  • How to find recruiters and “sourcers” and then build relationships
  • What recruiters “see” behind the scenes when searching for candidates
  • AND (as if that weren’t enough) what are the BEST searches to conduct on LinkedIn

Presented by Linda Van Valkenburgh, MS, CCMC, CJSS, CSMCS, CELDC, a certified executive career management coach.

The YOU Factor: Self-Awareness as a Career Transition Tool

Originally presented on January 17, 2017

When it comes to making a career change or reinvention, one question that usually looms over your head: What’s next? If this seemingly simple question has stumped you and left you feeling overwhelmed, join Cachet Prescott, owner of Shift Matters, as she discusses the vital role that the YOU Factor plays in your career transition success.

What’s In It For You?

As an attendee, you’ll be able to:

  • Define self-awareness and discuss its role in your career search.
  • Discover who you are and recognize what makes you tick.
  • Implement a plan for moving forward through intensified clarity, focus and strategy in your process.

Cachet Prescott is a corporate trainer, speaker and coach who empowers individuals, teams, leaders and business owners to make shift happen in business, career and life. She owns Shift Matters, LLC, the personal and professional development firm specializing in personal leadership development and career transition.

Find out Your Strengths and How to Use Them Successfully

Presented by Megan Webster, Assistant Director of Leadership & Professional Development, Fairfield University Career Planning Center

Can you name what your strengths are? Can you talk about them in an interview? Do you know how to take advantage of your natural strengths when it comes to networking and the job search?

Join us for a webinar focused on just that! In the last few years, Fairfield has become a strengths-focused campus that utilizes the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment tool. Over 25% of the Class of 2016 has taken the assessment. Plus a number of companies have embraced StrengthsFinder as an approach to evaluating individual employees and teams alike.

The webinar itself will focus on:

  • What your "results" mean
  • How to translate them into an effective "elevator pitch"
  • How to best maximize and utilize them in a professional sense

Megan Webster, your webinar instructor, works as the Assistant Director of Leadership and Professional Development in the Career Planning Center at Fairfield University. She has worked with Strengths throughout her career in Higher Education and became a certified instructor in Strengths-Based education by Gallup in 2015.

Strategic Networking: How to Identify and Cultivate the Workplace Relationships That Count

Originally presented on May 17, 2016

Presented by Bonnie Marcus M.Ed

Do you go to a networking event, collect business cards, and think you are helping your career? Think again! Join this webinar to understand how a building a strategic network will help you achieve your career goals faster.

Learn how to identify the decision makers and influencers in your organization and build critical relationships of trust and confidence.

In this presentation, attendees will learn:

  • The importance of building a power network for their career
  • How to create their web of influence in the workplace
  • How to leverage relationships for their career advancement

Bonnie Marcus M.Ed. is a certified executive coach, speaker and author. A former corporate executive, Bonnie founded her firm, Women’s Success Coaching, in 2007 with the mission to help professional women promote and position themselves for success. Her latest book, The Politics of Promotion: How High Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead, provides a road map for women to navigate the complexities of their workplace to get the promotion they deserve.

Wellness Wins: What's Good for Your Waistline is Good for Your Bottom Line

Originally presented on April 19, 2016

Presented by Linda Gottlieb '99 MA

The research is in: Your health & wellness is business relevant. Having a vibrant career or thriving business is directly related to your personal energy management, stamina and fueling your "internal power plant".

Get the edge you need to perform at your best today and for years to come. In this webinar you will:

  • Discover what the top C level executives won't tell you (but I will...)
  • Review the research and ROI of being fit and how to generate Miracle Grow for your brain.
  • Learn how to create and rate your energy strategies immediately, to ensure peak performance.

Linda Gottlieb '99 MA is a Certified Wellness Consultant and Master Fitness Coach with more than 30 years’ experience helping individuals (and the organizations they work in), improve their energy to impact their life. She believes as your health and fitness goes, your business goes. She is the author of No Ifs Ands or Butts: How to Turn the Top 10 Fitness Excuses into Fitness Triumphs. Visit Linda's website for more information: www.Fittraining.net

Increase Your Page Views: Resume Optimization for Online and Offline Search

Originally presented on March 29, 2016

Presented by Megan Hallissy '10, Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)

It is a well-known fact that recruiters take on average, 6 seconds to review a resume. By submitting your resume online into a database, it could be scanned even quicker. So, why not make every second count and optimize your resume to make it stand out from the rest!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to optimize your resume for the busy recruiter who only has 6 seconds or less to review it
  • About the algorithmic search engine tools that are skimming your resume for key words
  • How to use key words to link your background to the job description

Megan Hallissy '10 is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with a background in customer service, human resources, and learning and development across the industries of media and entertainment, luxury and consumer goods, and higher education.

Video Interviews- How to Ace Them

Originally presented on January 19, 2016

More and more employers are utilizing Video Interviewing as an important step in their interview process. This is economical for the company on many levels. But for you, succeeding and prevailing utilizing this platform is key so that you are invited to the next step: the face to face interview.

During this webinar, Linda will discuss:

  • Time
  • Place
  • Equipment
  • Interview Prep Questions and Fundamentals
  • Dress Code
  • Great tips regarding what the interviewer CAN’T see
  • For fun: some “Oh no’s!"

Linda Van Valkenburgh is the owner and certified executive career coach of My Executive Career Coach, LLC – Stamford, CT. She has great business experience in a broad range of corporate environments including marketing, advertising, engineering, entrepreneurial partnerships, industrial manufacturing and full time career development work experience.

Want to Increase Your Productivity & Gain More Control Over Your Professional Life? Learn the Best Practices in Business Today!

Originally presented on February 17, 2016

Presented by Karen Graziano '93, Graziano Career Works, LLC

How can you be more productive and efficient while improving your work relationships in the process?

Join Karen Graziano '93 to learn:

  • Best business practices today for working on in-person and virtual teams
  • Best practices for participating in and running meetings, and developing your professional skills in the workplace
  • As a new or seasoned employee, find how you can be a more effective employee and colleague and raise your leadership profile
  • For job seekers, learn the questions you should be asking at your next interview
  • As a manager, learn how you can improve productivity and satisfaction with your team by implementing the latest research

Karen Graziano '93 is a college professor and a consultant for her recently launched business, Graziano Career Works, LLC.

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