Class Ambassador

What is a Class Ambassador?

Class Ambassadors help shape the learning experience for students by raising critical funds for everything from scholarships and financial aid to innovative research programs and world class faculty.

Each class ambassador is responsible for providing leadership for the fundraising efforts of his or her class each year. Class Ambassadors play a vital role in keeping their classmates connected with the University and encouraging their annual support of Fairfield students through their personal dedication, enthusiasm, and gift contribution.

How Class Ambassadors Make a Difference

Make a Gift

Or pledge payment to any area of the University.

Contact 10 Classmates

of your choosing, asking them to consider giving to an area of the University that is meaningful to them.

Participate in our three annual outreach periods

During these time frames, we will ask you to use phone, email, social media, and/or mail to reach out to your classmates.

Alumni Events- Class Ambassador Program

Contact Us

Agata Wozniak

Assistant Director for Young Alumni Philanthropy
T: (203) 254-4000 ext. 2464


R. Peter White

Associate Director of Reunion Giving and Class Ambassadors
T: (203) 254-4000 ext. 2174

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