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Class of 1974 50th Reunion

Thank you for celebrating your 50th Reunion with us!

As you became our newest Golden Stags, and marked this milestone in your Fairfield journey with over 100 of your classmates (a 50th Reunion record), we had the honor of watching you rekindle your love for Fairfield, renew friendships, and relive your days as a Stag! Thank you to all who made your celebration the “Reunion of a Lifetime!”

While the official 50th Reunion celebration may be over, your journey as a Golden Stag is just beginning. Throughout the coming year, you’ll receive invitations to special events and programs back here on campus — beginning with our Golden Stags Reunion on September 29! Stay tuned for more information. We hope you will continue to return home to celebrate with us as often as possible.

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50th Reunion Fairfield Journeys

A lot has happened since your time at Fairfield - and we want to hear about it! 

Please consider writing a short narrative of your “journey” since graduation. A collection of these reflections will be compiled and live on your Class's personal webpage after you become "Golden Stags." Even if you cannot attend your Reunion, we encourage you to submit an entry. Previous 50th Reunion classes have found these memories to be inspiring, and have appreciated the chance to reconnect with classmates and hear about their lives after graduation. We need as many entries as possible to make this project a success, and will continue to remind you to participate!

Your story can highlight a wide range of things – from your professional career to your family, hobbies and personal life. You may submit your entry in the following ways:

• Online by filling out our online form via the button below
• E-mail it to 
• Mail your submission (with the above questions/answers) to Fairfield University,
Attn: Colleen McGinn, 1073 No. Benson Road, Fairfield, CT 06824
• Call Colleen at (203) 254-4280 with any questions.

Read the journeys submitted so far by your classmates in the Class of 1974:

Phil Baroody

Read Phil's Journey

Phil Baroody

My Post-Grad Journey:

After graduating I earned a Master's Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Rivier College. I was chosen as Counselor of the Year in 1989. I worked as a waiter and bartender for 15 years. I worked as a School Counselor for 43 years with 26 of those spent at West Running Brook Middle School in Derry NH. I coached girls high school basketball for 25 years and served as an Athletic Trainer at my local high school for 25 years. I married Lia Makris in 1986 and we have 3 daughters, 2 of whom graduated from Fairfield. Our other daughter graduated from Sacred Heart. Thankfully, all are gainfully employed. I worked at Camp Fatima, a boys camp in NH, for 20 years. 4 of those years were spent as the Resident Director. In December of 2023, we were blessed with our first grandchild. 2 of our daughters are getting married in the summer of 2024.

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?

I have a lot of great memories and I would say most of them came during the time I was a member of the Glee Club. I made a lot of great friends and got to travel to different parts of the country. One of my fondest memories was visiting and performing at Walter Reed Medical Center. I was also blessed to become friendly with a great group of guys. To this day, we still stay in touch and get together every March to play golf in Florida.

Richard Burke

Read Richard's Journey

Richard Burke

My Post-Grad Journey:
M.A. in English from Penn State (1976). Ph.D. in English from University of Illinois (1982). Married to Beth Packert since 1987; we have a son and a daughter. Three years teaching English at LSU (one course at Southern University). 1985-2020 at Lynchburg College/University of Lynchburg in Virginia. Professor of English. Director of the Honors Program. Director for Curriculum Development. John Franklin East Distinguished Professor of the Humanities. Fulbright Scholar in Kazakhstan (2017). Lectured on various subjects in Russia, South Korea, China, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Honorary doctorate, Kazakh-American Free University. Interests include travel, photography, American musical theater, and cooking.

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
From the distance of 50 years, my favorite memories are of several English courses, living at Fairfield Beach senior year, and (not exactly a Fairfield memory) my junior year abroad. Also, belonging to the Fairfield Film Society.

Gail Callahan

Read Gail's Journey

Gail Callahan

My Post-Grad Journey:
After graduating in 1974, I stayed at FU and received my MA Ed in 1977. I married Tim Callahan in 1976, and we had 2 children Lauren and Ryan who both graduated from Fairfield: class of 2008 and 2009. I also received my MBA (Rivier) and Paralegal Certification and am a realtor presently at Keller Williams in the Lakes Region, NH

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
My favorite memory was living in Julie Hall up on the hill and all the wonderful friends that I continue to see every year! We call ourselves the First Ladies of Fairfield!

James Carroll

Read James' Journey

James Carroll

My Post-Grad Journey:
Life after Fairfield has had its charmed moments for me; in 1975, I shook Muhammad Ali’s hand before he won the Thrilla in Manila; I watched the Red Sox end the Curse of the Bambino; I tossed an out of bounds ball back to Larry Bird at the Boston Garden; attending his inaugural ball, I danced to Bill Clinton’s saxophone solo; I watched Tom Brady win the Patriots six Superbowls; served as Chairman of the now defunct Bank Of Dad for three sons who became a physical therapist, a lawyer and an orthopedic surgeon. I taught high school science; spent forty years as a trial lawyer starting at the U.S. DOJ followed by private practice. My first novel, Reasonably Foreseeable, a legal thriller, was just published. I never forgot the Jesuit tenet to give back, and I have for the last thirty years been a proud supporter of the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago.

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
My favorite Fairfield Memories are entwined with my friends from the Class of 1974. The NIT, Jim Croce’s concert, MERP, Frank Johnson’s cadence in intramural football, Frank Galluzo's Sub Shop, and Chris Campbell’s loop of Down by the River night after night freshman year on Gonzaga One.

Barry D'Andrea

Read Barry's Journey

Barry D'Andrea

My Post-Grad Journey:
My journey has been a long and winding one road since my graduation. I lived in Italy, Greece, Japan, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, and then back to Connecticut. For the past 35 years I have worked as a licensed professional counselor in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
I especially enjoyed classes with professor Lou Barone in the English Department and the Shakespeare class with Father Lynch. Fellow classmate Michael Barret and I formed a jazz band and we played at the Fairfield University coffee house on the ground floor of one of the dormitories. I loved the concerts and dances in the Oak Room.

Rosalie Donlon

Read Rosalie's Journey

Rosalie Donlon

My Post-Grad Journey:
My first job out of school was working as a teller for People’s Bank. In 1975, I married Tom Donlon (Fairfield Prep 1969 and US Coast Guard Academy 1973), and the adventure began. We’ve lived in Ann Arbor, MI; Governors Island, NY; Honolulu; Washington, D.C.; and New London, CT. We had the opportunity to travel to Australia, New Zealand, China and the Philippines as well as Europe and throughout the U.S. I graduated from the Univ. of Toledo College of Law and, after private practice, moved into legal publishing. I have two daughters and a beautiful 16-month-old granddaughter. My family and I live now in Stamford, CT (not too far from Mike O’Rourke, coincidentally) and I'm still writing and editing about legal and insurance issues.

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
As part of the first class of women, I was a commuter student. I have great memories of hanging out with Prof. Paul Davis (RIP) and other members of the class in the snack bar. Before a test, you could ask him about a topic and he would say, "Not on this test. Next question."

Dennis Dougherty

Read Dennis' Journey

Dennis Dougherty

My Post-Grad Journey:
Stepping away from academia, pulled a geographic to San Fran, became a finance director for a non-profit (TAG), whilst also seeing the underbelly of politics and various money interests in that city. Then jumped into a military venture where an eternal brotherhood developed amongst some of the most dedicated, bravest and outspoken sailors. After that service drifted through different environments and mindsets from the beach, mountains and deserts. Using Fenian roots to survive economically until I found myself in the corporate world though not by my design. With the experiential knowledge of different systems and industries I flourished for a time. Self-realization and awareness of distance from spiritual center and began to incorporate various participatory spiritual experiences from Jesuit Spiritual Practices to indigenous purification lodges, rituals and ceremonies in the Andes and Amazonian jungles. I still practice and incorporate the sacredness of those experiences into my life daily with a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness and vibrational relationship much like the Tiwa’s word for life which encapsulates quantum theory in that “life is that which vibrates”. My greatest journey however is the one I am currently on, a marriage to a woman who motivates, inspires and enlightens me daily.

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
The impact of the artistic environment that was a part of the campus background through the Free Press and WVOF

Arthur Franks

Read Arthur's Journey

Arthur Franks

My Post-Grad Journey:
I had the honor to serve as a Marine Infantry Officer where I learned Servant Leadership. That learning carried me through my corporate career at BellSouth and later AT&T. I was competitive and won many sales awards which gave me a number of free vacations!

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
Walking from Northwest behind a girl in a red wool coat who would become my wife. Betsy Aldworth '76. It started there an is still going!

Jerry Groen

Read Jerry's Journey

Jerry Groen

My Post-Grad Journey:
Graduated with an MBA from Northwestern University 1976. Married my wife Karen in 1975. Worked at Hershey Foods from 1976-1982 in Logistics and IT. Transitioned to Abbott Labs in 1982 at the Rocky Mount plant in North Carolina. Moved to Lake County IL to Abbott Headquarters in 1984. Worked in the Hospital Products Division in Operations. Moved to new product planning and program management in 1990. Continued to progress in the program management field. Hospira spun off from Abbott in 2004. Ended my career there as VP Innovation.

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
Surviving Abstract Algebra class.

Jim Holihan

Read Jim's Journey

Jim Holihan

My Post-Grad Journey:
Married for 48 years to Alice, who I met in my first job right after graduation at American Can Hdq in Greenwich. We have 3 children and 7 grandchildren (aged 6 -15) all living in the Rochester NY area. We have many joyful memories of watching them grow up, just by coincidence, when I retired 16 years ago from ExxonMobil, our daughter announced her pregnancy at my retirement dinner. What perfect timing to be able to spend early childhood with each one of the grandkids! We also have enjoyed many great trips in different parts of the world. Have enjoyed playing golf, although my competitive days are waning as my index increases. I had many great experiences working at XOM, with a global staff in 14 cities and 9 countries, however as Dorthy says, "there's no place like home".

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
Too many to list, but Fr. MacDonnell, with his terrific sense of humor and mentoring ability will always be special. Organizing picnics and Math Major parties (including supplying 7oz Reingold nips) is a great example of this!

Frank Johnson

Read Frank's Journey

Frank Johnson

My Post-Grad Journey:
50 years. I can’t believe it to say the least it has been a marvelous life, Like most people it had had its ups and downs, highs and lows Not very many regrets though. You know married right out of school. Two wonderful kids. But life rears its ugly head, and divorce happens. But as I think of my journey there is one constant, and that is relationships And as I think this through, it’s the friendships that I developed at Fairfield that has really helped me these past 5 decades. In school we lived together. Played together, and studied (?) together. For the next 50 years I have been able to count on my “brothers” thru thick and thin. Thru weddings, children being born, illness and divorce. We have always been there for each other. And it’s not like we lived near one another. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, Carolina. New York, Florida. We had to work at it. The same in my professional life. Success depends on relationships. Common goals, beliefs, and trust Traits I developed at Fairfield. My professional career was focused on Human Resources and I was fortunate to be able to retire from 2 great organizations. General Motors and the CIA. I never could have imagined it. Personally, I met the love of my life 20 years ago, we got married have a blended family and now have 8 grandchildren. Life is good. Thanks Fairfield and the Jesuits for getting me started down the road And a big thank you to my Fairfield brothers.

Louis Lombard

Read Louis' Journey

Louis Lombard

My Post-Grad Journey:
After graduating from Fairfield University, I took some time to raise a family. My daughter would eventually graduate from Fairfield as well, the class of 96'. I received my Master's Degree in English from Central Ct. State University in 1996 and proceeded to work as an adjunct English professor for fifteen years. During that same period, I taught English course at Naugatuck Valley Community College and Lincoln College. In 2014, I accepted a fulltime position at NVCC. In 2015, I became the First Year Experience Coordinator in addition to my English teaching duties. Subsequently, I have been promoted to Full Professor and have been granted tenure. Three years ago, I was appointed as Chair of the Humanities Department. I also am a Real Estate Broker, licensed in the State of Connecticut since the 1980's.

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
Living for three years in Loyola Hall...hanging out with all the guys (Jack, Gerry, Bill, John & Paul) and our RA, Fr. Trinkle.

Ed O'Brien

Read Ed's Journey

Ed O'Brien

My Post-Grad Journey:
After graduating from Fairfield I attended and graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine. I completed my medical residency at Hahnemann in Philadelphia and then completed a fellowship in Hematology/Oncology at Penn State Hershey. I have enjoyed a more than 40 year career treating patients with a variety of cancers and blood disorders. I have witnessed great advances though much more is needed. It has been a very rewarding career. When in Philadelphia I met the love of my life Bernice and we have been married over 40 years. We have enjoyed traveling, sporting events and concerts. I have attended baseball games of my beloved Yankees and took delight in witnessing the Bucky Dent home run, although on TV.

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
My favorite memories include floor parties, MERP. and hanging out with multiple friends including Bob, Norm, Mark, Gary, Brian and many others. Campus life was great!

Michael O'Rourke

Read Michael's Journey

Michael O'Rourke

My Post-Grad Journey:
Graduated and moved to Boston to open a sales office for Collier's Encyclopedia which I had sold door-to-door all 4 years while at Fairfield. I married my college sweetheart, AC Aubuchon from Marymount College in 1975 and will celebrate our 49th anniversary this year in October. Got promoted to GSM in NYC in 1977 and received an Executive MBA from Columbia Univ in 1982 while running 4 offices for PF Collier and MacMillan Publishing. Left the publishing business in 1987 to join Drexel Burnham Lambert as Broker/Financial Advisor, Ran the NYC marathon in 1990 and 5 marathons overall. My wife and I went childless for 17 years and made a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France in 1992 as caregivers for the sick. One month after returning from Lourdes we conceived a son, Connor O'Rourke who was born on March 20th, 1993. Since then, I have been on 15 pilgrimages to Lourdes because you can never stop saying, " Thank you!". AC and I were invested into the Order of Malta in 1993 and it represented one of the finest moments because of the people we have met through the Order and the opportunity to co-found Malta House, a sanctuary for homeless pregnant woman in a crisis situation. I have spent the last 18 years with Oppenheimer &Co. Inc. managing a Wealth Mgmt. Team, shamelessly called "The O'Rourke Group". Our son, Conor, married Michelle Gordon last June and we enjoy their company immensely. AC and I are still involved with Malta House and I enjoy a round of golf along with reading, reciting and writing poetry. We live in Stamford, CT and always looking to travel and learn!

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
I have a few "favorite memories". I enjoyed my English classes with Fr John McIntyre, S.J., who gave me the book, "The Educated Imagination" as a freshman which allowed me to appreciate the insights, vision and imagery of the great poets- which I still enjoy today! I had great fun playing intramural basketball, living on the Beach in the "Sea Ranch" as a senior and being captain of the Fairfield U tennis team when we had the best record in 4 years at 11-3. We had great fun and one time made it back in time from a match against Southern Ct to see Loggins and Messina perform in the gym!

Steve Mednick

Read Steve's Journey

Steve Mednick

My Post-Grad Journey:
Married since 1974 two children and two grandchildren University of Connecticut School of Law Practicing Lawyer since 1979 Former Alderman, New Haven, CT Former Corporation Counsel, New Haven.

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?
Too many to include. I was involved in student government and remember fondly the tri-partite governance constitutional convention session where we pretended we were the founding fathers and mothers.

Bob Rupp

Read Bob's Journey

Bob Rupp

My Post-Grad Journey:

Amy and I split our time between Jackson Hole, WY and Darien, CT. Three children, Bobby, Brian and Genevieve, daughter-in-law Stacey and granddaughter Amy. All healthy, pursuing careers at Uber/Management, Department of Justice, Manhattan DA and Intuit. After FU, settled in DC, graduated from AU Law School ('77). Amy from Cornell ('77); worked at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, subsequently a partner/DC office/international law firm. Amy--designer at American Institute of Architects. In 1985, switched from law to investment banking/NYC. Amy raised our children in Darien and managed the girls lacrosse program. Started with 15 girls; grew to 250, High School now ranked #1 in the nation. The house cup was named after Amy. I had a career in finance, mostly at JP Morgan, managing a significant portion of Global Fixed Income business, subsequently transitioned to Risk Management, reporting to the Chairman. In 2011, recruited to join Hartford Financial Services as Chief Risk Officer. In 2015, won NYSE Best In Class Governance and Risk Management Award, and I was named Chief Risk Officer of the Year. Retired in 2017, now focused on vertical feet skied/yr. (700,000 last season).

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?

Academics: Jesuit "brain surgery" was great prep for law school's "socratic method" discipline. Social: living down the beach for two years with four lifelong friends (plus an occasional visit to the Naut...). Sports: Captain of the men's varsity soccer team, Most Valuable Player award and scoring record for men's lacrosse team and 1974 Outstanding College Athletes of America Award.

Paul Vankevich

Read Paul's Journey

Paul Vankevich

My Post-Grad Journey:
U.S. Navy, Dentist

What is your favorite Fairfield University memory?

50th Reunion Weekend Schedule

This schedule is as of March 2024. Locations and details are subject to change at any time.
Friday, June 7
Event Time Location
Reunion Weekend Registration and Check-in
Check in and pick up your name tags, tickets, room keys, and schedules.
4 – 10 p.m. Aloysius P. Kelley Center
Class of 1974 Welcome Back Dinner
Kick off your Reunion Weekend with a casual buffet dinner while reconnecting with your classmates! And, get to check out the new (2023) Leo D. Mahoney Arena from this exclusive space! 
6 - 9 p.m. The Diffley, Leo D. Mahoney Arena
Saturday, June 8
Event Time Location
The Walking Examen

Beginning on the plaza of Egan Chapel, this mile-long prayer and meditation trail was designed to cultivate prayerful discernment and an awareness of God’s presence around us.

The Examen is a contemplative prayer practice made popular by St. Ignatius of Loyola that invites us to see God in our everyday lives. There are five steps to the Walking Examen identified by five large rocks with a plaque. Each step signifies the five movements of the Examen prayer: Thanksgiving, Illumination, Examination, Contrition, and Hope. View the Map.

At Your Leisure; Self-Guided

Various Locations

Continental Breakfast
Grab a cup of coffee and a light breakfast to kick off your day.
8 – 10:30 a.m.

Aloysius P. Kelley Center

Reunion Weekend Registration and Check-in
Check in and pick up your name tags, tickets, room assignments, and schedules.
(Registration will close from 4 to 6:30 p.m. to shift to evening locations, though housing keys will still be available for pickup from 4 – 6 p.m.)
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Aloysius P. Kelley Center
Fun Run
A Reunion tradition! Put on your running (or walking!) shoes for the approximately 2.5 mile loop around campus.
9:30 a.m. Lessing Field (Rain or Shine)
Friends of Bill W. Meeting 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Barone Campus Center, Room 200
Fairfield University Art Museum Open House

11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Fairfield University Art Museum, Bellarmine Hall Galleries
Walsh Art Gallery Open House

11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Walsh Gallery, Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts
Leo D. Mahoney Arena Open House
Stop by Leo D. Mahoney Arena, home to Fairfield's basketball and volleyball teams, as well as other signature events! Members of Fairfield's Athletics staff will be on hand to answer questions and talk about this exciting addition to Fairfield's campus.
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Leo D. Mahoney Arena
Class of 1974: Golden Stags Induction Ceremony & Luncheon
Celebrate the Class of 1974's official induction into the Golden Stags at this special ceremony with University President, Dr. Mark R. Nemec, PhD. Each attendee will have their photo taken with the President. A special luncheon will immediately follow the ceremony.
12 p.m. Dolan School of Business, Event Hall 
Class of 1974 Authors Panel
Did you know that five members of the Class of 1974 are published author? Following our luncheon, come hear from several of your class's Alumni Authors - Kevin Barry (Counterclockwise: A USA Roadtrip), Peter Borghesi (Am I A Teacher?), and Matt Merkl- in this special panel moderated by classmate Michael O’Rourke. Join us for a vibrant discussion of their work and toast to their success!
2:30 - 3:30 p.m. Dolan School of Business, Event Hall
Reunion Weekend Mass
Join us in prayer and reflection for a special Mass honoring all reunion-year alumni and remembering classmates who have passed on. 50th Reunion attendees will receive special recognition. 
5:30 p.m. Egan Chapel of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Reunion Weekend Registration and Check-In
Check in and pick up your name tags, dinner tickets, and housing keys.
Due to limited seating, Saturday evening events require advance reservations. Walk-ins cannot be guaranteed admission. 
6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Bellarmine Hall
Reunion Dinner Dance
Enjoy a gourmet buffet dinner, then dance the night away! Your registration includes two drink tickets. Additional drink tickets will be available for purchase.
6:30 p.m. – Midnight Bellarmine Great Lawn (Rain or Shine)
Sunday, June 9
Event Time Location
Coffee, Check-out and Key Return
Relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while saying goodbye to your friends and classmates. Return your keys to one of the housing desks located in the residence hall lobbies or on the Barone Campus Center Second Floor to receive a coupon toward our breakfast food trucks – see below. Or if you're in a hurry, take advantage of our express check-out! Key envelopes will be available in your rooms so that you can deposit keys in the Express Check-out boxes located in each housing facility. Please be considerate and return your keys to avoid lock change fees.
8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Barone Campus Center
Breakfast Food Trucks
As you check out of your room, grab a bite to eat before getting on the road – we'll even give you a coupon to use toward your purchase if you hand in your room key to a staff member in the BCC or in your residence hall!
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Barone Campus Center Traffic Circle
Sunday Mass
If you missed our Reunion Mass on Saturday, you'll have the opportunity to attend Sunday Mass with other members of the Fairfield community.
11 a.m. Egan Chapel of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Reunion Committee & Classmates

Meet your current Class Committee!

Gary Dittrich
Barry D'Andrea
Richard Fitol
Art Franks
Ed Harrison
Joan Bender Makara
Steven Mednick
Patricia Hoar Moore
Denise Mulry
Rosellen Walsh Schnurr
Margaret Conlisk Shukie
Susan Tomasulo Walker

Here is a look at where your classmates have relocated to after graduation. 

Lois Kaufman 

Walter L. Brown
Charles D. Cuccinello
Patrick J. English
Robert R. Hasulak
William A. Manginelli
Deborah (Mullon) Sherman
Christopher J. Stanton


Craig A. Atkinson
Robert A. Chlebowski
James J. Ford
Carole (Riley) Ford
Michael G. Fortanasce
Stephen Fusci
Eileen (Mullen) Hildebrandt
James F. Keenan
Paul J. Kenedy
William Leas
Leonard P. Mastromonaco
Gregg W. Montefiore
Robert Moody
James P. Murray
Kathleen M. Riordan
Dennis J. Romano
Carolyn (Silverman) Spievak
Stephen A. Topor

Theodore Brudzinski
Herbert J. Martini
Michele M. Rae
Kenneth R. Schrang
Gail Seaton-Humbert

Kurt M. Ahlberg
Norman A. Aldrich
John J. Algiere
Alphonse D. Altorelli
Joseph M. Atkins
James T. Austin
Michael F. Barrett
Stephen F. Beaudin
Mina (Gandarillas) Becker
Thomas J. Bepko Jr.
Robert A. Bogey
Patricia Bohdan
Nicholas J. Bove Jr.
Christopher Campbell
James A. Casey Jr.
Stephen M. Cavanna
John A. Cellini
Karol J. Chacho III
Karen A. Chambers
Michael W. Champa
Glenn A. Cheney
Nancy Christino
Jane-Ellen (Dillon) Collins
Brian J. Comerford
Leonard A. Copertino
Terence Crean
William C. Creighton
Christine (La Reau) Curtis
Gerald E. Daley
Barry J. D'Andrea
Joseph A. DeBartolo
Steven P. Delco
Gary P. DelVecchio
Thomas DeMatteo
Linda Domizio
Rosalie (LaMotta) Donlon
Bernice (Mettling) Duffy
Robert F. Dunaj
Susan (Bamonte) Dunn
Kevin G. Farrell
Richard J. Fitol
Edward G. Fitzpatrick
Thomas W. Fitzpatrick
Vincent J. Fortunato
Bertha L. Gallant
Frank Gentilesco Jr. 
Peter Giuliano
Gianfranco Galluzzo
Gregory Gerics
Douglas G. Gilmore
Edward N. Gioiella
Nicholas J. Gugliotti
Charles Hallas
Madeline (Rossi) Hanusovsky
Richard L. Heldmann
Lawrence V. Hmurcik
Robert A. Hobocan
Lawrence S. Hopkins
Rita E. Horan
Susan (Coon) Howard
John B. Hughes
Clifford Hulsten
Virginia (Parcak) Humphrey
William T. Hyland
David M. Iaccarino
Joseph J. Karcsinski III
Gary P. Kealey
Dennis Kelly
Edward Kelly
Edward J. King
Darlene (Hyland) Knight
Edward C. Krawiecki Jr.
Peter J. Larkin
Joanne (Bosilevas) Locke
Louis N. Lombard
Richard D. Lovallo
Richard J. Luddy
Gary E. Lukasewski
Marianne (Civitello) Lyden
Robert J. Maikowski
Joan (Bender) Makara
James E. Mangines
Kevin F. Martin
Patrick P. Mastroianni
Sharon F. Matis
Mark Matto
Arthur H. Maycock
Carol (Paterson) McCormick
John J. McDermott
Katherine (Mahoney) McGrath
John G. McGroarty
Edward M. McKeon
Brien E. McPadden
Steven G. Mednick
Patrice (Tracy) Melley
Raymond A. Messecar
Adrienne E. Micci-Smith
!illiam J. Mitchell 
Patricia (Hoar) Moore
Linda H. Morrissey
John P. Morton
Mary E. Mullen-Barnett
Paul A. Musico
Richard Nagy 
Michael F. Norton
Donald J. O'Brien
Elizabeth (Horvath) O'Connell
Gary O'Keefe
John A. Oleynick Jr.
Janet (Pomichter) Olson
Michael J. O'Rourke
Ihor Pendakiwskyj
Richard Petreycik
Joyce (Tabory) Phillips
Jane (Bujanauskas) Pogoda
Paul Pollaro
Daniel D. Pond
John J. Pulaski
Sharon (Lombardi) Pulaski
Margaret (McCarthy) Puzzo
Daniel S. Quintard
Mary (Brencher) Radovich
Akram Rasamny
Mary Jo (Cowles) Regan
Arlene (Richter) Ross
James M. Ruel
Patrick J. Russo
Dominick J. Rutigliano
Joanne (Piazza) Ryan
John S. Ryan
Michael S. Ryzak
Anthony F. Santore
Frank N. Sardo
Thomas J. Satalino
Robert C. Schnurr
Rosellen (Walsh) Schnurr
Patricia (Lipovsky) Sell
Suzanne Serreti
Margaret E. (Conlisk) Shukie
Stephen Skudlarek
Christopher Storm
James J. Stupak
Dale M. (Esposito) Sweeney
Susan (Tomasulo) Walker
Diane (Viscardi) Tomasulo
Diane (Viscardi) Tripolitsiotis
Robert Trojanowski
Stephen Tulka
Lawrence J. Tytla
Scott W. Vandeweghe
Ralph A. Villanova
Donna Violante
Joseph T. von Ehr
Daniel C. Walker
Joseph Walkovich
Robert H. Warzecha
Margaret Welz
Mark E. Wilchinsky
Lorraine S. Williams
Charles D. Wolleben
Barbara (Birch) Wruck
David J. Zamachaj
Cora (Daddona) Zembrzuski
Robert A. Zikaras
Margaret A. Zowine
Daniel Zsebik

Frank J. Arena
Joseph C. Conlin
Vincent P. Lynch
John M. Mehalyak

Nick Albanese
James Boland
Michael H. Booth
Peter J. Borghesi
David F. Bradley
Gary F. Dittrich
Nellie Jo (Kolibsky) Dubiln
Anthony M. Esposito
James F. Fields
Arthur J. Forenza
Darryl C. Gall
Corrine Giacobbe
Marc P. Grenier
Dean J. Houck
Michael A. Kolcun
John E. Ladden
Patrick S. Laughna
Aston R. Lue
Nicholas S. Mancino
Judith Ann (Borkowski) MItchell
John C. Neely Jr. 
Brian C. Newhall
Francis X. O'Connor
M. Suzanne (Hernandez) Orchard
Stephen G. Pategas
Thomas P. Richtarich
James M. Serafino
Tony Stankus
Michael Starzyk
Edward J. Stefan
Robert Suchenski
Peter Tijunelis
Joseph J. Traester
Thomas J. Wiseman 

Arthur J. Franks
William C. Huff
Edward L. Jenny
Thomas A. Lengyel
Mary Ann (Lenart) Margine
Bruce W. Margine
Virginia (Geary) Routhier
Brenda (Blissett) Young

John E. Barrett
Jerome J. Green
Paul A. Kobasa
Jane (O'Donnell) Laur
Paul A. Mitchell 

Barbara (Mancini) Torre

Steve Gunderson

Arhtur G. Avitabile

Bradford D. Anderson
Edward F. Barbeau
Peter L. Birney
Alice (Reilly) Birney
Paul J. Bruno
Margaret (O'Connell) Callagy
James E. Carroll
Harry S. Coles
Allen L. Consigli
Mark F. Cronin
Carol (Stumbris) Crossen
Richard W. Cullen
Charles Diskavich
Marlene (Granderath) Frank
Catherine (Ford) Frissora
Marianne Geuss
Kevin P. Grace
Mario Guarcello
Jeff Haggerty
Anthony F. Iadarola
Louis M. Jannetty
Michael J. Kenny
Allison (White) Marshall
J. Michael McKenney
Paul T. McMenimen
James T. Murphy
Stephen F. O'Neill
Edward J. Perlak
Christine (Pollock) Puzo
Kathy Read
Kathleen (Reilly) Revotski
Francis D. Schroth
Pamela (Spencer) Schweitzer
Francis X. Small
Karen (Harvey) Teeley
Paul J. Vankevich
William J. Walsh 


Kevin R. Barry
Ann Carta
Paul M. Connolly
Lorraine (Ference) Flude
Peter W. Fuss
James M. Gallagher
Peter A. Holt
Kathleen (Ryan) Kiernan
Helen D. Van Dersal

Karen (Porco) Iliades
Alfred J. Riel
Michael Zielski

Patricia (Cash) Foley

Albert J. DeNigris
James A. Morabito

Carol (Pellicciari) Jones

Gererd Meacham

North Carolina

James L. Abbruzzese
Kerrie E. Boyle
Gilbert D. Carney
Virginia (Hannum) Corcoran
Joseph M. Corcoran
Thomas Danaher
Alice (Hayes) Gallagher
Susan (Yates) Gaston
Charles A. Goransson
Costas C. Loullis
Jean (Chmielewski) McElrath
Joseph F. Meseck
Joseph S. Szkotnicki
Carrie Vestuti
Nancy L. Wilson
John A. Yopp

Beth (Bisacca) Schrager

New Hampshire

Philip C. Baroody
THomas R. Barrett
Gail (Powers) Callahan
Carl DeLoi
Gail P. Kennedy
Joseph P. LaRochelle
Robert L. Maggi
Patrick M. McGrath
Christine M. Nolan
Karen (Stonkas) Ponton
John J. Sokolowski
David St. Jean
Paul J. Turley
Gilbert K. Watkins

New Jersey
George J. Ahlmeyer
Michele A. Bocchini-Sweetman
Robert C. Bogad
Patrick T. Boylan
Patrick J. Collier
Frederick A. D'Arcangelo
Joyce (Mackie) DeFeo
Frederick F. DeNike
Kevin J. Doran
Dennis M. Dougherty
Robert F. Drury
Kenneth F. Duh
Stephen F. Gillen
Edmond J. Harrison
Patricia (Kelly) Hatfield
Lucille (Brule) Hertel
Joanne (Perla) Kavanaugh
Anne (McDonald) Langan
Carla A. Latty
James W. McGuire
Matthew B. Merkl
Denise M. Mulry
Elizabeth A. Murphy
Richard O'Connor
Margaret (Doyle) O'Connor
Lelia (Dollinger) Pappas 
James F. Quinn
William G. Reilly
Thomas F. Scully
Robert Simpson
T. Andrew Stevenson
Alfred B. Vuocolo 
Eileen M. (Lynch) Weinstein
James P. Winter

New York
James D. Badia
Diana M. Branski
James M. Brasser
June (Dalton) Brown
Helen (Grosso) Caddick
Sharon Christopher
James G. Collins
Joellin R. Comerford
Sherry A. Cornachio
Marie Cramer
Anne M. D'Antuono
William T. DeCamp III
Mary-Anne D'Esposito
Michael A. Fanelli
Daniel J. Farinon
Frank H. Ferrandino
Garrett Fitzsimons
Richard J. Gerardi
James H. Gomez
Judith M. Gregory
James F. Groom
Joseph F. Hall
William J. Hartnett
James C. Holihan
Mary (Weisner) Houlihan
Robert C. Kelly
Daniel D. Kennedy
Joseph F. Kern
Kathryn Laudati
Alda (Chen) Lee
Edward H. McCarthy
W. David McGarry
Amy (Egan) McGuire
Anthony W. Merola
Vivian Moore-Brown
James A. Murphy
Jay F. Natuzzi
Philip M. Nugent
Stephen P. O'Malley
Margaret M. O'Marra
Norman W. Patterson
Thomas J. Petrozziello
Ralph N. Prete
Robert T. Probert
Curtis R. Raymond
John K. Reilly
Lawrence Rosano
Daniel G. Rowland
James E. Scripps
Joseph D. Secchio
Ruthanne (Yaboni) Secchio
Robert A. Smith
Thomas J. Spoonhower
Michael N. Vittorio
David J. Walters
Robert J. Ward
Stephen C. Zipay

Christopher J. Ruminski
James J. Schneidel

Denis P. D'Amico

Ronald R. Saranich

Gerald P. Anastasio
Barry R. Austin
James T. Brislin
Christopher Cron
Karen (Hanrahan) Gallagher
Mark G. Graham
Kathleen (Graham) Griffith
Michael F. Hurley
William P. Konecny
Phillip J. Lechak
Michael J. Moehlmann
Robert W. Nedswick
Edward T. O'Brien
Margaret O'Reilly Smith
Eric A. Plumer
Richard T. Rehermann
Paul A. Ryan
Thomas P. Wagner

Puerto Rico
RAul J. Escudero

Rhode Island
Joseph A. Bonales
Daniel Byrne
David A. DellaVolpe
Brenda (Britt) Doran
Edward J. Doran
Timothy M. Nace
Henry Storoni

South Carolina
Ronald N. Angeloni
Joseph A. Aniello
Joanne (Patterson) Fagan
Joseph V. Fulliero
Robert L. Harbeck
Nancy (Becker) Livell
Patricia (Rourk) McCormick
Joseph J. Monte
Linda (Gaudiosi) Pagano
Nicholas G. Pappas
Randall B. Steck
Jeanne M. Zailckas

Louis E. D'Eri
MIcahel T. Lesnick
Muriel (Kagan) Zager

Claire (Brant) Brady
Christine (Finkl) DiCamillo
Patrick J. McGowan
Jacqueline M. Ryan
Donald A. Sedlak
Christian M. Sorvillo

Susan (McCartan) Andross
Richard C. Burke
Maureen (Conlin) Burns
James F. Coakley
Joseph V. Horgan
Megan C. Jans
Diane Jarmusz
Frank C. Johnson
Margaret (Riley) Mahoney
Joseph P. Martocci
Samuel G. McTyre
Kenneth J. Musante
Gary S. Nault
Robert J. Santone
John J. Scala
William F. Sugrue

Janet (Krewson) Brzoska
Debra (Mongillo) Miller
Charles F. Morace
Cynthia (Marten) Rahmlow
John W. Rochette

Linda (Martino) David
Thomas A. Tobin

West Virginia
William Merva
Thomas A. Michaud

Timothy F. Cohane
James L. Radda
Robert R. Rupp

Ontario, Canada
John F. Martin
Robert F. Morelli

London, England
Thomas F. Ryan 

Last updated March, 2024 

Contact information (mailing address, phone number, and/or email address) for the following members of the Class of 1974 is missing from our database. If you know where your classmates are and/or how to get in touch, please e-mail

Akram Rasamny 

Last updated: March, 2024

As we prepare to celebrate the 50th Reunion of the Class of 1974, we remember in a special way the members of our class who have gone before us...

Eternal rest grant to them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May these and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

Robert Andrejko
Thomas Bepko
George Bonnell
Gary Bradicich
Mari (McCann) Bradicich 
Francis Calabro Jr. 
Kevin Callahan
Joan (Costello) Case
Thomas Casper 
Agostino Chella 
John Collins 
Mary-Anne (Nufrio) Conner
Paul Corwell 
Stephen Coscia 
Janis (Dunigan) Coutu
William Douda
Patrick English 
Susan (Harper) Fitzgerald 
Brian Fitzpatrick 
Michael Fleming 
Christine Guinta 
Joseph Hasten 
Deborah Henderson 
Thomas Huff
Anthony Kimil
Kenneth Kuzmich

Daniel Lamb
David Lukens
Kevin McFadzen 
Charles McNamara 
Francis McGuinn 
Christopher Meade 
Nancy (Herden) Moore 
Joseph Moukad 
Martin Murray 
Thomas Nardozzi 
Debra (Thurston) Nolan 
Benedict Novinski Jr. 
Samuel Praul 
Therese (Keenen) Pressley 
James Reilly
Elisabeth (Herson) Schwabe
James Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Stephen Topor 
Robert Torte
Andrew Varga 
Elsa (Cerra) Vebell
Michael Voss
Paul Wells 

Last updated: March, 2024

Year in Review

President of the United States

Gerald Ford

United States Population

213.85 million

Price of a Gallon of Gas


World Series Champion

Oakland Athletics

Super Bowl Champion

Miami Dolphins

NCAA Basketball Champion

NC State

Best Picture Academy Award

The Godfather Part II

Song of the Year

"The Way We Were" by Barbra Streisand

Frequently Asked Questions

Photos from all weekend events are available on our Alumni Flickr page via computer or mobile app. Check out the Photo Albums from the weekend and relive all the fun you had!

While the official 50th Reunion celebration may be over, your journey as a Golden Stag is just beginning. Throughout the coming year, you’ll receive invitations to special events and programs back here on campus — beginning with our Golden Stags Reunion on September 29! Stay tuned for more information. We hope you will continue to return home to celebrate with us as often as possible.

Learn more about what it means to be a Golden Stag: Fairfield University Golden Stags

Yes! Consider joining your Class of 1974 Facebook Group to reconnect with your classmates before the big weekend!
Yes! You take a walk down memory lane and flip through the 1974 Manor yearbook made available by our library special archives!

Feel free to contact us at any time!

The Office of Alumni Relations: (203) 254-4280
Fax: (203) 254-4104

Colleen McGinn 
Director, Alumni Engagement
Phone: (203) 254-4000 ext. 2417

All gifts made during your Reunion's fiscal year (July 1, 2023 until June 30, 2024), will count towards your class's goal/your Reunion gift. 

Additionally, many alumni celebrating their 50th have commemorated this milestone by considering gifts through their estate plan, whether through retirement assets, real estate and other non-cash assets, gifts that pay you income, and more. To find out more, please contact Emma Penick, MBA, AEP®, CAP®, Senior Director of Planned Giving at or by calling 203-254-4020. 

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