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A Fairfield Education

At Fairfield, we educate the whole student - body, mind, and spirit.

By integrating living and learning, and combining a broad liberal arts foundation with professional preparation, our students graduate with the tools, confidence, and vision to put their unique gifts to work as successful global citizens for the benefit of their communities and the world.

When asked what makes Fairfield University outstanding, our students cite our strong sense of community as one of the best parts of the Fairfield experience in addition to these other distinguishing characteristics:

Shoreline and Train line
Our location offers students the best of all possible worlds - a beautiful, vibrant 200-acre campus located within one-mile of the Connecticut shoreline. Yet, a short one-hour train ride from Fairfield allows you to be a part of the energy and excitement - not to mention the internship and career possibilities - that New York City offers.

Connecticut's Only Jesuit University
Fairfield University has a mission shaped by one of the world's oldest and greatest intellectual, spiritual, and activist traditions. We are one of 28 Jesuit institutions that share the commitment to educate the whole person - in body, mind, and spirit.

 Unique Approach to Learning

Fairfield University offers a four-year educational experience rich with opportunities for growth with each year. This is not a lock-step process from year to year but our student developmental model offers a unique approach to integrated learning:

Community Involvement: Freshmen find their place in their new community on campus, making the adjustment to independent living, looking to advisors and mentors for support, and becoming connected to others.

Vocational Exploration: In the sophomore year, students will dig deep into their core courses, allowing limitless opportunities for them to explore areas that fascinate them. To further their exploration of the subjects that matter to them, students can choose to live in one of Fairfield's special residential learning communities.

Civic Engagement: Juniors consider their role in the larger world - "giving back" through leadership on campus or activities within the community. Study abroad and hands-on learning experiences engage and inspire them.

Discernment: Seniors enter a period of discernment, reflecting on where their future may lead, their role in the world, and how they may change the world for the better. Capstone projects, senior retreats, and internships are vital to that process.

Pathways to Learning

For instance, the critical examination of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in English class expands to a chemistry class where students learn about the kinds of poisons used in the 16th century. Learning expands further in an art history class that takes an historic look at the meddling role of the friar.

Students choose Fairfield because of our integrated approach to learning which results in graduates who are intellectually prepared and adaptable to face the ever-changing issues of the 21st century through:

  • A broad liberal arts education combined with professional development that encourages critical and independent thinking
  • A student-focused, holistic and diverse educational environment
  • A strong sense of community based on ethical values and social justice

The result of a Fairfield education is more than a job and a paycheck. The result is a mind (and a heart, and a spirit) that keeps expanding and seeking and growing. The result is an inspiring, inspired life.

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