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Tuition and Fee Schedule

Academic Year: 2024-25


Graduate Arts & Sciences, MA and MS, MPA Programs

Tuition $970/credit hour

Graduate Business

Tuition - MS Management $1,170/credit hour
Tuition – All other Programs $1,195/credit hour
Tuition – Doctorate of Business Administration (Fall and Spring) $18,115/semester 

Graduate School of Education & Human Development

Tuition – Education and Teacher Prep Master's Degrees $895/credit hour
Tuition – Human Development Master's Degrees $910/credit hour
Tuition – Doctorate in Education $1,120/credit hour
EdTPA Fee (EDUC 6598) $300/semester
Lab Fee (COUN 5457,COUN 6467,PSYG 6538 and PSYG 6540) $85/course
SEHD Technology Fee for MSW, MFT $215
SEHD Technology Fee for Counselor Ed $220
Wilson Reading Course Fee (charged in addition to Tuition per credit) $141/credit hour

Graduate Engineering

Tuition $1,020/credit hour

Graduate MFA in Creative Writing

Tuition (Exisiting Cohort) $740/credit hour
Tuition (Entering Cohort) $765/credit hour
Residency Room & Board $1,265/semester

Graduate Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies

Tuition – Master of Public Health $925/credit hour
Tuition – MS Program $995/credit hour
Tuition – Dual Degree MSN/MBA $995/credit hour
Tuition – Master of Healthcare Administration $1,040/credit hour
Tuition – Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition $1,170/credit hour
Tuition – DNP Nurse Anesthesia (non-cohort students) $1,210/credit hour
Tuition – DNP Nurse Anesthesia (Summer 2023 cohort students) $11,375/semester
Tuition - DNP Nurse Anesthesia (Summer 2024 cohort students) $11,375/semester 
Tuition – DNP All other programs $1,135/credit hour
Nursing Testing Fee (applicable programs) $130/semester
Nursing Laboratory Fee/Clinical Fee (applicable programs) $145/semester
Nursing Clinical Placement Fee (applicable programs, Fall and Spring semesters) $165/semester
Nursing NCLEX Review Fee (Fall Only, Seniors & MEPN) $255/semester
Nursing ECCO Fee (Nurs 4360/5360) $250/semester 

All Schools

Application Fee $65
Commencement Fee $200
Registration Fee $50/semester
Graduate Student Activity Fee (Fall and Spring) $65/semester
Red Stack Direct $24/credit hour
Monthly Payment Plan $40/semester
Employer Reimbursement Payment Method $40/semester
Returned Check Fee $35
Transcript Fee $10

Fairfield University requires all international graduate students to subscribe to the University sponsored health insurance plan. Please go to for more information.

Fairfield University requires all domestic graduate students enrolled in nine or more credits to subscribe to the University sponsored health insurance plan. Please go to for more information.

Please refer to our refund policy for information on University schedules related to official withdrawals.

The Trustees of the University reserve the right to change tuition rates and make additional changes whenever necessary.

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