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If you've ever wondered if a particular career is a good fit for you, internships are a terrific way to find out. Hands-on, professional experience is available to Fairfield students at leading companies in every field - including banking and commerce, arts and communications, science and medicine, education, engineering and high technology, and philanthropy and service.

With nearly one-third of all Fortune 500 companies headquartered between Fairfield and New York City, as well as thousands of small- to mid-sized companies and non-profit organizations in the area, unique internship opportunities abound for Fairfield students looking to discover if a dream job is the right path for their future.


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Types Of Internships

There are two types of internships students can attain: internships for academic credit and non-credit internships. Internships for academic credit must be approved by faculty and are connected to an academic course. Some departments have lists of available for-credit internships and some may approve internships that you find on your own as well.

For-credit Internships:

The requirements and processes for securing an internship for credit vary by school and by department so it's best to start with your school or particular major:

Dolan School of Business: Students should visit the Dolan School of Business internships page.

College of Arts and Sciences: Students are strongly encouraged to visit their major's website first to see if there is more detailed information on the internship process. Students can then contact the internship coordinator‌ for their major with any questions they still have. Please note you can only complete internships for credit in your own major.

School of Engineering: Students should speak with their academic adviser or department chair.

Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies: Nursing students complete clinical experience during the academic year. Students are able to complete an internship, generally during the summer between junior and senior years. Students have the option of having this count for college credit. The School of Nursing provides information on internships as available, or the students may find their own internship experience.

City of Bridgeport Internship Program:
Students from any school or college interested in interning for the City of Bridgeport should contact the associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Non-Credit Internships:

Career, Leadership and Professional Development provides resources and support to assist Fairfield students in identifying internships including non-credit positions. A great place to start is the Internship FAQs site which includes information on how to find an internship.

In addition, the Summer Internship Recruiting Program at Fairfield offers students the opportunity to gain meaningful career related experience in an area related to their occupational goals. Typically these are available to full-time undergraduate students during their junior year. On occasion employers do open their opportunity to sophomores.

On-campus recruiting for summer internships takes place during the fall and spring. We are committed to working with you to help you as you begin the internship search process.

The Fairfield University Academic & Career Devleopment Center utilizes Stags4Hire to coordinate the campus recruiting process. All students have an account that they can logon to from my.fairfield.

  • To sign into Stags4Hire, students log on to my.fairfield and click on the Stags4Hire icon on the main page. We will be communicating with you about events and program additions or changes through this system.
  • Once you are in Stags4Hire you will have access to upload your resume and apply for jobs and internships. All interview schedules are handled through the system for on-campus recruiting (OCR). Employers can also access your resume through our Resume Book and directly e-mail you if they wish to interview you for a position. Information about employers who will be hosting information sessions will be available on the calendar tab on your personal homepage. Announcements will be posted in your news feed.
  • Stags4Hire allows you access 24/7 so you can find out about up-to-the-minute changes.

Students are encouraged to call (203) 254-4081 to schedule an appointment with Career, Leadership and Professional Development if they have any questions about the internship process or Stags4Hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most students recognize the value of an internship but they aren't sure where to begin. The Academic and Career Development Center (ACDC) developed this FAQ page to help you get on the right track. If you have another question that you think should be included on this page, please e-mail it to

What is the difference between for credit and non-credit internships?

A for-credit internship can be paid or unpaid, and is connected to an academic course that typically involves reflecting on your experience with other students who also have internships. They must be approved by an internship coordinator, department chair, or other faculty member and you must register for an internship course.

A non-credit internship is not connected to an academic course. These internships can be paid or unpaid.


I'm not exactly sure what industry I want to do my internship in. How can I learn more?

The Academic and Career Development Center has put together a series of links about some of the most popular industries for you to explore. You can also use resources like Vault and O*Net to learn more about different industries and particular job roles. Counselors in Career Services can help you with this process.

Once you have an idea of the types of internships you would like to pursue, you can then identify people who currently work in those areas and ask them for an informational interview. An informational interview is a meeting where the job seeker asks for career and industry advice rather than for employment. Make an appointment with a counselor in the Academic and Career Development Center to learn how to network with alumni, what type of questions you should ask during an informational interview, and more.


I know what industry I want to do my internship in. How can I find one?

There are a few ways you can find an internship. Employers who are interested in hiring Fairfield students list their internships on Stags4Hire. You can also utilize internship search engines such as InternMatch,, and InternQueen.

The Academic and Career Development Center constantly tweets internship opportunities so follow us @FairfieldACDC.

If you are interested in doing a for-credit internship, please refer back to the internships site that includes directions for each school and college.


How do I find housing during my summer internship?

If you will be interning around the Fairfield area, you can stay on campus in one of our summer housing options. If you are interning outside of the area, local universities often offer affordable summer housing. You can also consider subletting an apartment depending on the length of your internship. Check with your employer first to see if they have arranged for housing or have suggestions.

If you are interning in New York City, you can also check out or

More general apartment listings can also be helpful, such as and you can also search for roommates on


When can I complete an internship?

You can intern at any point in your Fairfield career if you are doing a non-credit internship. If you're going to do a for-credit internship, check with a faculty member in your major to determine when you can complete an internship. Do this before starting the internship.


Who can assist me with this internship search process?

Students can make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss how to find and apply for internships.

Students are encouraged to speak with faculty members about the internship process as well, especially if they are considering completing an internship for credit. Please refer to the internships page to see how each school and college handles internships for credit.

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