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Academic Support & Advisement

We promote and support a strong faculty advising model with supplemental resources aimed at elevating the importance of student mentoring and advising. Services are provided for first-year students transitioning to Fairfield University, undergraduate students who are undeclared, changing majors and/or schools, or in need of advising to help them make a successful transition to a declared program of study, and students seeking additional guidance as they develop their academic and professional goals. The Center supports and monitors students’ academic progress, offers tutorial programs and learning support resources, and coordinates with faculty advisors, deans’ offices, and campus resources to assist students in achieving academic success.

Career, Leadership, & Professional Development

We are committed to helping undergraduate/graduate students and alumni throughout their career development process. Comprehensive services are available through the Center that include career counseling, career readiness programs, leadership and professional development offerings, and on and off-campus recruiting opportunities.


Fairfield University in compliance with Federal guidelines is committed to providing accommodations and services to eligible students and visitors with disabilities in order to ensure equal access to all programs, services, and opportunities. The Center facilitates effective, reasonable classroom accommodations for all students on campus who disclose a disability, meet the eligibility criteria, and request accommodations.

Language Resource Center

The Charles E. Culpeper Language Resource Center (LARC) provides a multimedia environment of hardware, software, and learning resources that aim to facilitate and promote the study of languages and their cultures.

Math Center

The Mathematics Center, located in the Bannow Science Center (BNW122), is a place where students can get free tutoring for statistics and first year calculus courses.

Writing Center

The Writing Center at Fairfield University is a place where...

  • Writers write.
  • Writers talk about writing.
  • Tutors respond to your writing.

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