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The Fairfield Fulbright Story

More than 67 Fairfield University graduating seniors have been awarded a Fulbright - a year-long scholarship that supports post-graduate study, research, work, or teaching in another country. Established in 1946 by Congress, this government-sponsored program funds the studies and research of more than 1,450 US graduating college seniors, graduate students, young professionals, and artists in over 140 foreign countries annually.

The Fulbright program aims to increase mutual understanding between people of the U.S. and of other countries and closely aligns with Fairfield's mission of fostering values of global awareness, cross-cultural learning, and independent intellectual thought. Fairfield graduating seniors from 45 majors and 19 interdisciplinary minors ranging from biology and nursing to philosophy and politics have won Fulbright Awards. Fairfield seniors from all disciplines are invited to apply.

Check out the list of Fulbright awardees (PDF) to find out where our students went and what they studied.

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Important Information for the Fulbright Application

The National Deadline for Fulbright applications is the first week of October. To secure the necessary endorsement of Fairfield University, the Office of Scholarly Development requires that interested students submit their application essays by August 1 to allow for a panel of experts to review. Each applicant will be invited to give a brief presentation of their proposal and to entertain questions from the review panel between September 1 and 8, allowing students time to consider the panel’s feedback prior to the national deadline.

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