Library Services Instruction Mission

In concert with the mission of Fairfield University, the DiMenna-Nyselius Library Instruction Program seeks to develop information-literate lifelong learners. We define information literacy as the ability to recognize when information is needed; to effectively locate and organize information while considering the myriad of information sources and formats available; to logically and critically evaluate and assimilate information while seeking objective truth and personal meaning; to synthesize and use information to communicate conclusions persuasively; and to apply these skills ethically and legally throughout life, with a sense of social responsibility.1 2

Core Values:

  • We stress collaboration with faculty, ensuring our instruction is linked to curriculum, targeted to course objectives, and integral to the research process.
  • We seek to collaborate with other members of the University community, recognizing their contributions to information literacy objectives.
  • We strive to design instruction to build competencies over a student's career by emphasizing transferable knowledge and skills.
  • We aspire to incorporate advances in technology, pedagogy, and learning theory to reach all individuals. We practice active learning.
  • We continually assess our program and adjust it, when needed, to provide responsive and exceptional instruction.
  • We support the goal of excellence in teaching through continuous training of instruction librarians.

1This definition is based on the definition from the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.

2 Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education