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   In Person

For the safety of the Fairfield University community, the library is prioritizing online methods of research help and has suspended in person assistance. If you need to speak with a librarian in person, please email research@fairfield.edu and we will try to accommodate your request.


Chat with a librarian 24/7.  The DNL chat service is available 24/7. When a Fairfield University Librarian is unavailable, Librarians from other institutions will answer your questions. Visit the library hours page to see a schedule of when Fairfield University Librarians are on duty.

Service unavailable on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, & July 4 th


Schedule an individual research appointment

Research appointments can only be conducted remotely for the time being. Click the link above for details. If you require an in-person research appointment for any reason, please contact research@fairfield.edu with your research question and a few (3-5) times/days that work for you. As with other research appointments, at least 24 hour notice is required. Requests sent after 6pm Friday may not be seen until the following Monday. In-person appointments are subject to librarian availability and operating hours. In-person appointments are restricted to one patron. Group appointments must be conducted via Zoom.


Call the Library Services & Information Desk at (203) 254-4000 ext. 2188 during staffed hours.
Looking for someone, try the  Library Directory


Text us a question to  (203) 295-7542 during staffed hours.


A response to your question will be sent within 2 business days (excluding holidays).
Send an e-mail

Try our tutorials for answers to our most frequently asked questions

Having difficulties accessing resources from off-campus? Please read the troubleshooting guide.

Research & Instruction Mission Statement

The DiMenna-Nyselius Library is committed to the educational mission of Fairfield University and the development of lifelong learners through our research and instruction services. We focus on the education of the whole person through our instructional, student-centered approach to research services that encourages curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and intellectual exploration.

We achieve the development of information literate global citizens through strong partnerships with faculty, our central position within the academic community, and by creating a caring and supportive learning environment. Our instruction program focuses on individual student learning, supporting and encouraging students to challenge themselves, and fostering an increasing capacity for learning and self-reflection. Through our adherence to the ALA Code of Ethics, we promote academic integrity, social responsibility, and the ethical use of information. Students are encouraged to engage with the world of scholarship through the creation and sharing of knowledge, and recognize and use quality information that best suits their information needs.

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