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Brand Guidelines

Fairfield University’s ability to carry out its mission can be helped or hindered by the perceptions of the people it seeks to serve. Its visual image – the appearance of the University’s brochures, advertisements, and other materials – says something about its values, purpose, and services. A cohesive graphic style conveys a sense of identity and personality, which helps to create greater recognition and understanding.

Fairfield University’s Design & Digital Print Services (DDP) in the Division of Marketing and Communications has been charged with monitoring and maintaining Fairfield’s brand identity. All materials bearing the University Seal and/or the University’s logo, including publications, post cards, advertisements, and products (pens, banners, notebooks, apparel, signage, etc.) must be reviewed by Design & Digital Print Services. It is recommended that Design & Digital Print Services be consulted when purchasing those products to ensure that the University logo is prominently and properly displayed.


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