Innovations @ Fairfield

Innovative Teaching Methods

using apps
Nursing faculty use apps such as Epocrates and QuantiaMD to enhance their students’ learning.

Flipping the
Psychology professor Michael Andreychik ‘flipped’ his core psych course — students review lectures on their own time, often through video, while in-class time is used for homework assignments and discussions.

In the fall of 2015, Fairfield initiated a program to give iPad mobile devices to all full-time faculty for use in their teaching.

Service Learning
Service learning is an experiential approach to teaching and learning that links academic study and community service so that each is strengthened—and both are transformed.

Steelcase Grant
As the only private university awarded the Steelcase Grant, which supports the creation of a unique environment for active learning through the use of a fully responsive and adaptive classroom, Fairfield completed its new learning environment in Canisius Hall in the summer of 2015.

in academic computing
Jay Rozgonyi, Fairfield University’s Director of Academic Computing, has been named one of 2015’s Top 30 Technologists, Transformers, and Trailblazers by the Center for Digital Education.

Nursing Simulations
Nursing faculty frequently develop simulations where students can translate their classroom knowledge into patient care, such as responding to a car accident that leads to an emergency C-section.

Spanish language and nursing in the community
College of Arts and Sciences faculty member Michelle Farrell designed course for advanced Spanish students interested in careers in nursing and the health sciences. Students volunteered at a local healthcare fair and translated health information for visitors.

School of Engineering
Walk on Water
Engineering students perform the minor miracle of walking on water through a team design project that is part of the course “Fundamentals of Engineering.”

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