Library Services Computers, Printers, & Copiers Off Campus

Library electronic resources (including the library catalog, databases, ebooks, and e-journals) are available to current students, faculty, and staff of the University community. Simply enter your NetID and password when prompted to access these materials.

For alumni, please visit our Alumni page for library resources available to you.

For guests, please visit the library and use the library computers in Information Commons to access to the library resources.

Troubleshooting Off-Campus Access

NetID Issue

  • If you cannot log in
    • Make sure to use NetID username to log in, for example, use 'jsmith', not '12345678' not ''
    • Try logging into other university systems such as my.Fairfield, if you cannot login into those systems either - your NetID password might be expired.
    • If you can log into other university systems but not the Library, please contact the Library systems administrator.
  • Are you logging in at the right place?
    • When you're logging into the Library resources authentication (Library Proxy), you should see a screen that looks like this
      Proxy Login
    • If you're seeing a login screen that doesn't look like the one above e.g.
      Vendor Login
      You're probably accessing the vendor website directly without using library Proxy. See the section "Are you using Library Proxy?" below
  • Please note that if you're faculty/staff, after logging in with NetId, you'll also need to authenticate with DUO Multi-Factors Authentication. From more information and support, please refer to this page.

Access Privilege Issue

    • You must be current students, faculty, or staff of Fairfield University with a valid NetID account to use library electronic resources from off-campus.
      • If your account does not have a proper access privilege, you'll get an error "Authorization Error: Cannot connect to requested resource - Access Privilege Issue" when trying to use Library resources from off campus. Please follow instruction on that error page to report the issue.

Are you using Library Proxy?

  • To allow off-campus access to Library-licensed resources, users must access it via a special (proxied) link that tells the web browser to use the Library Proxy Server. All the links on the Library website are configured to be a proxied link, so make sure to start your research on the Library website!
  • If you didn't start from the Library website, please make sure that you're using library Proxy Server to access Library-licensed resources from off-campus by
    • Look at your browser URL bar, if it does not contain, you're NOT using Library Proxy server.
      How to tell if you're using Library Proxy Server by looking at the web browser URL bar
    • If you don't see in the URL bar
      • use this tool to reload the page with Library Proxy Server.

Other Troubleshooting tricks

I've tried all of the above and none of them helps


Some database requires a database specific password, to obtain it, from the Library Databases page, click on the key icon next to a database requiring a specific password. Enter your NetID login/password when prompted. This will retrieve a list of specific database passwords.