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Instruction Policy

The DiMenna-Nyselius Libraries’ Instruction Program offers course-based instruction, workshops, and online educational support to faculty and students at the university.  All classes in the Core Writing program (EN11 & EN12) are required to meet with a librarian for an information-literacy session.  Faculty members who wish to schedule instruction for other classes—at any level (undergraduate or graduate)—are encouraged to fill out the request form.  Unless otherwise arranged, library instruction takes place in the Instruction Lab, Room 114 (on the library’s lower level). 

Teaching librarians will work with faculty to develop lesson plans that support course objectives and advance the library’s larger goal of developing information-literate lifelong learners.  Faculty members are encouraged to plan instruction early in order to get the most from their collaborations with the library.  Faculty engagement is essential for student learning; therefore, professors are required to attend class during scheduled instruction sessions and are strongly encouraged to work with librarians to develop appropriate assignments and lesson plans.    

Other questions or requests can be directed to the instruction coordinator, Matt Schirano at