ekphrasis i: jeanne delarm-neri (mfa '12)

Piece from ekphrasis i: jeanne delarm-neri (mfa '12)

ekphrasis i: jeanne delarm-neri (mfa '12)

The Bellarmine Museum

June 15 - September 15, 2011

ek•phra•sis.n.'ek-frə-səs\. A literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art.

Poet and prose writer Jeanne DeLarm-Neri has created a series of new poems that respond to works in the Bellarmine Museum of Art's Permanent Collection. From a delicate 14th-century French ivory diptych to casts after masterworks from the Acropolis frieze, DeLarm-Neri engages with a broad cross-section of objects in the museum. In each instance, her writings give voice to a very personal aesthetic experience, which in turn provides visitors to the BMA with a new point of departure for their own interpretations and musings. DeLarm-Neri's poems will be displayed in the galleries next to the objects they address. They will also be posted on the BMA's website together with images of the relevant works.