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Residential Colleges Attend Weekend Retreat

The University's Residential College Program engages our students in their vocational exploration and discovery. The program is guided by Ignatian tradition and paradigm, and creates an intentional living and learning community designed for sophomores. Students are able to connect in and outside classroom in ways that create a meaningful community, develop habits of reflection, and help them be involved in transformative mentoring environments.

‌One of these opportunities for connection occurred last weekend when students in all three residential colleges attended a retreat at Iroquois Springs in Rock Hill, N.Y. About 95 percent of the students who are participating in the residential colleges attended the retreat. The fall retreat is aimed at building community amongst students away from the campus setting. During this time they have the opportunity to explore who they are and reflect on their journey, and continue to build deeper relationships. The retreat inspires students to share their thoughts and reflect upon their life's experience by considering the question, "Whom am I?" 

Highlights of the weekend included:

- Liturgy

- Resident Assistant presentations about hope, confirmation, and identity exploration

- Mentor group discussions

- Student tie-dying t-shirts, pillow cases, and team banners depicting who they are as a mentor group

- Bonfire (s’mores and lots of singing!)

About Fairfield's Residential Colleges

Fairfield University offers three residential colleges that are open to 450 sophomores who apply through an online application process during the fall semester of their first year.

  1. Creative Life is located in Faber Hall. Jordan Codice is the area coordinator.
  2. Social Justice is in 70 McCormick Road. Carrie Robinson is the area coordinator.
  3. Ignatian Residential College is located in Loyola Hall. Katherine Reilly is the area coordinator.

The three residential colleges attempt to answer the questions, 'Who am I,' and 'Whose am I?'

Additionally, the Social Justice residence asks "How am I called to serve justice?", the Ignatian Residential College asks "Who am I called to be?" and Creative Life asks "How do I live a creative and examined life?"

rescollretreat2Required Programs

There are several programs that students living in a residential college are commited to attend during the year.


- Fall (Iroquois Springs, Rock Hill, N.Y.)

- Spring (Wisdom House, Litchfield, Conn.)


Mentoring Program: Smaller groups of students are matched with a staff, faculty or alumni mentor and meet monthly throughout the year.

Social Programs: Students gather weekly for in-residence events like Munchie Mondays, Happy Hour, and Ecstatic Hour.

Dinner Series: The dinner series features a guest faculty or staff member who joins the residents for dinner.


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