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Dolan School welcomes Chris Hamer as Entrepreneur-in-Residence

This year the Dolan School of Business welcomes Chris Hamer as the School’s fourth Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR). Hamer is a highly experienced digital executive, andfounder and CEO of CrowdFlik, Inc.

"Having Chris here as our EIR is significant for the Dolan School," said Donald E. Gibson, dean of the School. "He'll be working directly with students and will provide a vivid example of how high motivation, clever ideas, and a good sense for business can lead to a very successful start-up. Having him here is a game-changer for us."

The Dolan School unveiled the Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program in 2012 to develop opportunities for students to learn about starting their own business. The program was created in response to growing interest from current and prospective students to understand what it means to be an entrepreneur in today’s business landscape. The School hosts a highly accomplished professional to serve as EIR for a one-year term and is selected for documented success in launching and managing successful enterprises.

Hamer has a background in marketing, entertainment, digital media, and technology and has held senior roles with category-leading brands including Sony-BMG Music, Cadillac and OnStar. His company, CrowdFlik, Inc., is a patented and transformational mobile video platform that uniquely harnesses the power of the crowd by synchronizing multiple video feeds to give users the ability to create unique edits from crowd sourced video.

Hamer will be engaging with students in a variety of ways, including involvement with Dr. Carl Scheraga’s Technology Ventures course, mentoring “StagUp” Business Plan Competition teams, and coaching new businesses in the Fairfield University Accelerator and Mentoring Enterprise (FAME). Hamer explained he decided to take the role as EIR because of the spirit of the student body. “When I attended a Business Plan Competition event two years ago I was so impressed with how dialed-in the students were. They were there at 9:30 am, wearing business attire, eager to network and engage.”

So far Hamer has spent much of his time working with students in the classroom. He kicked off the school year by pitching real ideas he’s prepared to fund that students will work to develop throughout the semester. The idea is to simulate research, discussion and work that students would be doing if they were employees of CrowdFlik. “The students are working on ideas I’ve brought to them that I’m prepared to take to market. It’s really exciting to be able to offer students the chance to be a part of my business and give them experiences that will set them apart from other candidates when they go on their first job interview,” said Hamer.

The EIR program was made possible from generous seed funding from Robert and Laura Coleman, P'13.


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