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| October 2014 | Fairfield University News Channel

Fairfield University's Class of 2018 Is Biggest Ever

When the Class of 2018 arrived on campus in September, they introduced a particularly impressive group of new students to the University. This new class, the largest in the history of the University, is made up of 1,056 students chosen from a pool of 9,987 applicants, Fairfield’s largest application pool ever.

According to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, this year was an excellent one for enrollment in many ways. Members of this class are some of the most academically gifted students in recent years, with the average GPAs and SATs higher than ever before. The class is 14% diverse, and represents a wide geographic area.

“We are thrilled to welcome all 1,056 members of the Class of 2018 to the Fairfield University community,” reported Alison Hildenbrand, director of Undergraduate Admission. “Not only is this the largest class in Fairfield's history, but this class is also the strongest class academically. Representing 27 states and 11 countries, the Class of 2018 brings a variety of talents, interests, and strengths to Fairfield, and I'm looking forward to seeing the impact they make on campus - both inside and outside of the classroom.”

As the academic year gets underway, the Office of Undergraduate Admission hopes everyone on campus will come to share in the enthusiasm of the Class of 2018. This strong group of students will be an important addition to the University. Please get to know them and make them feel welcome. Next…recruitment of the Class of 2019!


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