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American Journal of Nursing Award to Dr. Meredith Kazer

For 2012, the award for the best book in the Gerontological Nursing category was given to Dr. Meredith W. Kazer, associate dean and adult program director in the School of Nursing, for her book, Case Studies in Gerontological Nursing for the Advanced Practice Nurse, which she edited along with Leslie Neal-Boylan. The book is organized into six units, and includes over 40 case studies covering a range of geriatric health issues.

The gerontological category is for those books that best address the complex physical, social, and emotional needs of the older adult in all care settings.

Each year, the American Journal of Nursing (AJN) comes up with a list of what its editors consider to be the best in nursing publishing. Featured in the January issue of the journal, the prestigious AJN Book of the Year competition garners attention from more than 100,000 readers, librarians, and faculty, many of whom base their key book purchasing decisions on this award program.

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