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| November 2015 | Fairfield University News Channel

Fairfield University makes Top 10 list for “Best Colleges for Beach Lovers.”

In a report published this week, TIME’s Money Magazine named Fairfield University among the “10 Best Colleges for Beach Lovers” — an attribute long appreciated by the Fairfield community, now given national attention.

In making the ranking of the top ten beach lovers colleges, Money included academics as well as beauty in their consideration, writing: “They’re each high-value colleges with comparatively strong graduation rates and career outcomes.” The top ten were selected from their previous list of Best Colleges overall, selecting those in states that border the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. From there they chose among colleges with beach access, eventually narrowing down the list to five schools per state, and finally one college per city.

In picking Fairfield University, Money highlighted Fairfield County’s miles of Long Island Sound coastline, and the perk Fairfield University seniors have of living beachfront during their final year of school. 

“The quality of our programs and the success of our graduates are Fairfield’s biggest draw,” said Jennifer Anderson, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “But the opportunity to live at the beach, and the beauty of Fairfield are also features that make the Fairfield University experience so special for our students.”

Fairfield University’s location and appeal have been heralded before, as earlier this year Cosmopolitan Magazine ranked Fairfield as one of the 18 most beautiful campuses in the country. In October, Money Magazine ranked the among the “10 Great Colleges That Don’t Care About Your SATs,” and SmartAsset named Fairfield University as the top college and university in Connecticut when it came to the average starting salary of graduates.

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