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Learning From Alumni: Stags in the City Event

Last month, 21 students ventured into New York City to visit four financial firms: Alliance Bernstein, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and UBS. Sponsored by the Fairfield Investment Group and Dolan School of Business, the event was a collaboration made possible with help from alumni Chuck Burke ’01 of Morgan Stanley, Scott Nevins ’80 of Alliance Bernstein, Kevin Pluff ’98 of UBS and Shannon Siwinski ’92 of J.P. Morgan.

"Our Alumni are one of the University's greatest assets,” shared Walter Hlawitschka, associate professor of Finance. “The event capitalized on this unique resource and has paved the way for more communication between our students and alumni, and I look forward to working with an even larger alumni group next year.”

During the day students learned about different career opportunities in finance including wealth management, investment banking, electronic trading and merchant banking. Each firm offered students a diverse perspective on careers in the financial industry. At UBS, students had the opportunity to network with ten alumni from different departments of the firm.  “Alumni gave us guidance on how to navigate this competitive world with confidence after graduation,” said Scott McGinty ’17.  “We learned how each person took a different career path after Fairfield, but hard work stood as the common denominator in their individual successes.” Other firms followed suit, introducing students to both experienced and newly hired employees.

“We’re incredibly grateful for our alumni and their involvement in helping plan this trip. Students gained valuable insight into where their careers may take them. I think we set an excellent precedent for both our students and alumni going forward,” said Casey Barry ’17, president of the Fairfield Investment Group.

Stags in the City event planners Casey Barry ’17, Timothy Cobau ’17 and Brandon Borsanyi ’17 would like to thank all of the alumni who worked so hard to put this event together and to Dr. Hlawitschka who suggested the event and contacted the firms. 

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