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Stags Attend Leadership Conference at Yale University

Over Easter weekend, a delegation of nine Fairfield University students attended the student-run Perspectives on Leadership Conference at Yale. There, first and third year participants of Fairfield’s L.E.A.D Program explored topics such as “Leadership in Foreign Relations” and “Effective Leadership in Times of Crises.” In addition, the leadership Stags interacted with students from Yale, Brown, Haverford, West Point, and Harvard. 

The conference, however, was much more than a networking weekend; it was a growth opportunity for our young student leaders: “I think that the conference pushed me to think about who I am as a leader and determine what my strengths are and how I can implement these strengths into my life,” said Stephanie Lewia ’16, a LEAD101 student at Fairfield University. Pauline Santos ’14, a Leadership Fellow, joins Stephanie in speaking about her personal growth through Leadership Programs and the conference: “As a third year participant of L.E.A.D I can honestly say that learned much about who I am as a leader through this program. I am always excited to attend events with LEAD because I know they constantly challenge me to grow and enhance my leadership skills. With this conference, it was no different.”

That our student leaders reflect about their personal leadership development isn’t surprising. In fact LEAD101, the introductory seminar to Fairfield’s leadership programs, is designed to help students redefine leadership through leadership education and application. What is striking is the dedication and excitement with which LEAD students approach every opportunity to enhance their leadership skills. Claretta Mills ’16, also a LEAD101 participant, reveals such excitement when she says, “Attending this conference was definitely an experience that helped me grow as a leader. This experience allowed me to see different perspectives on leadership firsthand. I will definitely use the information that was presented to me at the conference to help me grow as a leader.”

Furthermore, the Perspectives on Leadership Conference led students to reflect on very practical applications of leadership. “I learned that leading can be extremely tough when you have a deadline or someone’s life is at stake. I learned when under pressure, you have to make sure that the majority of your decision follows your morals and ethics,” shares Bobbi Shortell ’16, a LEAD101 participant. Bobbi’s classmates DJ Horstmann ’16 and Molly Camp ’16 shared their reflective attitude regarding the conference. Writing as guest bloggers for the conference’s web site, they state, “Contrary to popular belief, there are times when everyone must partake in being a leader. Leadership is essentially interpersonal relationships where trust is essential for authenticity. Leadership is gained through experience, new knowledge, and reflection. As leaders we must build partnerships and relationships in order to truly succeed.”

Fairfield University’s Office of Student Programs & Leadership Development is glad to provide students the opportunity to attend the Yale Leadership Institute’s events. In addition, we look forward to accompanying our Stags in their leadership development journey!

For more information, visit www.fairfield.edu/leadership



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