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Staff Association Awards Student Scholarship

Fairfield University’s Staff Association, comprised of employees from throughout campus, brings the University community together by hosting a number of social events while raising funds for deserving students on campus. Over the last several years, the Staff Association has presented over $90,000 in scholarships to selected members of the junior class. As in previous years, this year’s scholarship committee had the difficult task of deciding which deserving student, among 30 exemplary applicants from the Class of 14, would be the recipient of the 2013 Staff Association award.

After careful deliberation, it was evident to the scholarship committee, consisting of Sharon Ferguson, Colleen Gilbertson, Jonathan Hodge, and Cathy O’Donnell, that one student, Klevisa Kovaci, stood out for her strong commitment to academics, social consciousness, community engagement, and a strong sense of global citizenship. Klevisa was awarded a $4,500 scholarship at the Staff Association luncheon on May 2.

Klevisa is an International Studies, French, and Politics triple major with a strong interest in international relations, different cultures, and foreign languages. A native of Albania who immigrated 12 years ago, she is trilingual, speaking Albanian, English, and French.

With her interest in international matters, the tragic issues in the world today, such as the oppression of women and minorities, human trafficking, child soldiers, and terrorist acts, have prompted Klevisa to act. “We can begin to make a difference little by little. This is where the importance of my internship with Montage Initiative comes in.”

The Montage Initiative is an international non-profit organization that Klevisa has been fundraising and raising awareness in support of empowering women and widows. “In fact, this March we spoke at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 57 conference on the topic of youth empowerment and preventing violence against women and girls.”

Klevisa had an opportunity to spend a semester abroad in France, which she said was a life-changing experience. “I was able to bring my new experiences and knowledge back to Fairfield where I applied it to my work as a French teaching assistant and to my other activities such as the Model United Nations Club and French Club.”

Passionate about her future, hoping for a career in intergovernmental organization or in a non-profit organization, Klevisa “wants to make a difference in the world” and plans on studying for advanced degrees in fields related to international studies, possibly in foreign affairs or international development.

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