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Manor Yearbook Dedicated to Matt Dinnan

The Manor Yearbook staff dedicates each year’s book to a Fairfield University faculty or staff member who is well-known among students for their ongoing commitment and dedication to the University, and in particular, the graduating class.

At last Tuesday’s Senior Week brunch, the Manor staff proudly dedicated the Class of 13 Yearbook to Matt Dinnan, Director of Conference & Event Management.

In the dedication speech, Lauren Clymer ’13, co-editor of the yearbook along with Nicole Migliaccio ’13, shared why students felt Matt deserved this honor: “Though his official University title seems specific, he works in many aspects of student involvement and student activities. Throughout our four years here, Matt’s duties have ranged from managing the Information Desk to organizing the shuttle. He makes the programs and events that we sometimes take for granted readily available to students. His goal in his work is to involve students in the Fairfield University community and lifestyle.”

The students felt strongly that Matt has done a great job making sure that the members of the Class of 2013 remain involved with and connected with one another. He has been described as “humble, and one of the nicest and most approachable staff members at the University.”

The students concluded, “It is about time that Matt Dinnan is recognized for his hard work and dedication to the University. Thank you for all you do for the University!”

In photo from left to right: Nicole Migliaccio ’13, Matt Dinnan, and Lauren Clymer ’13.

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